Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chinese Tiger Mothers Spend £100,000 Teaching their Children 'Britishness' for Oxbridge Exams

Full Article :  Daily Mail

Wealthy mainland Chinese families are paying huge sums to British ‘Education consultants’ based in China to give their children the edge in interviews for top UK universities. This behaviour is known as 'Tiger Parenting', a term inspired by Amy 'Tiger Mom' Chua, the woman who wrote a book about her super-strict Chinese parenting style called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. 

Such forms of education in China include tutoring topics such as ‘rugby banter’ and how to chat about the perennial British weather - and even tips on how to grasp the English sense of humour.

The practice has been common for the last decade with the country's richest ploughing their vast wealth into tutoring designed to help their children win places at establishments such as Eton College and Harrow.

This has now moved on to cover further education in order to improve the childrens' chances of winning coveted spots and Oxford and Cambridge.

BE Education in China placed more than 20 Chinese students in UK universities - many who attend the classes with their own bodyguards.

In some cases this has involved being taken to British-style pubs in China to watch international rugby fixtures as well as attending drama classes to increase their confidence. 


  1. Shocking new article re: China Chinese taking "British" lessons... no, not English language, but "being" English i.e. very definition of whitewashing. Read it all


    extremely disheartening... what the fuck is wrong with these rich Chinese? They are the ones with power to spread CHINESE culture to other parts of the world, certainly the ones to take pride in it (or invest in people who do)...instead they are PAYING WHITES to ACT WHITE. WHAT THE FUCK

    1. To add, this is further "normalisation" of white culture, at the expense of our own... look at other races, indeed whites in nonwhite countries. NONE of them abandon their culture, their roots and adopt the native one wholesale. Not even if they have married a local. And especially not if they are rich (remember the recent story of the dead businessman who had an affair with the wife of a Chinese MP - he drove an Aston Martin with the Union Jack emblazoned on it every day to work - IN CHINA).... yet our rich, few in numbers as they are, seem to be doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.

    2. Rich Chinese in our culture are nothing- YES YOU HEARD RIGHT.

      Kudos in Chinese culture has always rested with the working classes, ALWAYS.

      The rich have always been pariahs - just like their ancestors who were killed off in the Boxer rebellion.

      Yiwei wei ting, wei ting yi wei.

      jiayou, jiayou !


  2. How sad is this? Why can't people just accept where they come from and adopt that culture? Why all the snobbery around the English accent, manners etc? We're hardly a country that sets an example at the moment!

    - Miss UK, living in the wonderful Cotswolds....., 14/5/2012 17:32


    Just look at this. We need a white woman to tell us to be proud of our own race. When for every other race, that belief is inherent.

    In my opinion this is far worse than white media and comments talking shit about us... because regardless of what they say, THEY are saying it. As long as we, the Chinese people, believe in ourselves, are proud of ourselves, it matters not what others feel about us. But it is clear our people abroad and shockingly even in China, are breaking apart. We aren't just being assimilated, we are actively encouraging it and PAYING for the "privilege". Something that would be booted out in other, democratic and freer countries, is allowed to profit in China, where the Chinese government is meant to have an iron fist on everything. I despair about the people.

    1. Got nothing to add to this except , sickening.British Education is overrated. And that a FOB with more money than sense would never consult a BBC on this matter until its too late.


      Fact is China need to come up with better educational alternatives. In relevance to the article, pride is not enough you need a serious organised tried and tested educational structure.

      Similary in China its how any white person can qualify for a the highest wage as an English teacher. Its indiscriminate. Just get the job done, quantity over quality.

      Its the fault of the Chinese logic as a whole for not being deep thinking /respectful of humanities enough. You can even see it in our own British Chinese community where people would rather buy material things than question the real intrinsic value of anything, our social identity, etc the list goes on.

      In this respect, education is a prestigous commodity and the highest price is paid for for those who can afford it. For children of this rich FOBS eg Bo Xilais son it just seems to go to waste but thats another story.

    2. The white worship in majority Chinese-East Asian nations is troubling. It is also unique to East Asians, no blacks and certainly no asian would roll out the red carpet in their native territories.

      Consumerism may have something to do with it, mostly because big business (and thus the big marketing and advertising budgets) come from the western founded/based corporations... but that does not excuse Chinese people, whether rich or anyone with a sliver of disposable income, to invest and spend Chinese. Promote Chinese culture etc... not just Made in China - but the whole patriotic vibe. You see it in Britain, and you definitely see it from America, where pride seems to punch through everything they say or do. And it has worked... despite "everything" made in China, the world knows mostly American brands, TV shows, actors etc... it is soft culture done well.

      Whereas I don't think ethnic Chinese here and in China even notice it, and thus don't care about spreading their own.

    3. The question as to why China didnt modernise fast enough is an interesting topic for lots of online investigation


      But to agree with you and sum up my POV, Chinese need to take pride first in our spirit. then once thats there we can weed out whats good and not good for us. Thats the direction it needs to go, as individuals, BBCs or otherwise. We may be living in a western world buying as you say western brands, but in our own media if we share why we are proud of our spirit, that would spark off inspiration in other Chinese, FOBS, BBCs, mainland visitors.

      If we constantly challenge western establishment/soft power, with our spirit we can define our own unique sense of pride.

      One of the first steps to that is to detach yourself from material attachment.We are not our possessions. If you pay attention, western softpower wins only the material-minded.

      And what is the big Chinese weakness? Exactly.

  3. Also, I hope you're all not too fed up of the Daily Mail coverage, because their constant hate campaign on ethnic Chinese has backfired somewhat:


    Reading the article no doubt you were bracing yourself for the abuse of comments and the inevitable insults resorting to old stereotypes i.e. in this case the article and the white "innocent" family (no father I see) portraying the Chinese as stingy tight bastards.... instead they rightfully get the abuse!! Greedy spoilt brats!

    1. Sic la sic la! Teach those wasteful whites. If you cant be bothered to take a leaf from the book of Chinese family customs then you can f-cking pay for it.haha. Bonus points to the owner for entrepreneurialism AND morals.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2146991/The-geek-learning-party-Facebook-billions.html

    This article, about one of the initial Facebook investors, shows us everything we need to know about ethnic Chinese (called asians in Singapore), and what would become of our ethnic Chinese communities in America, Britain, Hong Kong and even China if things continue as they are...

    "His core social network in Singapore is a group of American and young Singaporean male friends who join him at his table at Filter, drink mostly on his account and control access to him.

    One of his close friends, a Singaporean, said: ‘Eduardo is totally into Asian girls. He told me while we were drinking together that he likes them because they are smaller built and that means he can just pick them up.’

    When a female friend asked innocently how girls managed to secure an introduction, she was told by one of his inner circle: ‘Don’t even bother. He has so many girlfriends. He has way too many.’

    On nights when he is not clubbing, Saverin has been seen at exclusive bars in Singapore, such as the swanky 71st-floor New Asia Bar in the Swissotel. There he buys £25 cocktails for his Asian girlfriends."

    1) He has Singagporean male friends. The same Singaporean (ethnic Chinese/asian) men whose women they see flocking to him. And do nothing about. But comply. hell, one even says he's totally into asian girls, as if it was normal. Reverse the roles for a minute, a white male friend proudly and happily saying his Chinese male friend loved white girls. He wouldn't. He would either shun him, call him a pervert or beat him up.

    2) "He has so many girlfriends"..... "he buys cocktails for his Asian girlfriends".... i.e. the gullibility of "asian" i.e. oriental, chinese women. Why do they do this? Oooh, money. Oooh, drink. Have they become this shallow? And how can this be fixed?

    Then this comment ......
    She added: ‘I was told he has a long-term girlfriend in Singapore but she’s cool with his lifestyle, apparently.’

    3) We may come across oriental women who are strong willed, but when it comes to a white man, apparently they are willing to forgive and be a slave to him... what is up with that??? Would a white man forgive if he found an oriental women cheating on him? Would any race of any gender forgive their other half for cheating on them? Oriental women do, for white men. This actually ties in with a previous article where BBCzeitgeist had a online chat with a chinese girl who has been cheated on by a white man several times, but still wants children to them.... then you compare this with some oriental women who say they won't be with an oriental man because their father was strict/I tried ONE but he didn't treat me right.... again, why the hypocrisy???

  5. And apologies for posting yet another different story on the same article... but remember the Indian murdered here in cold blood last year? Churches and the local community holding candellight vigils i.e. white people paying their respects for a foreigner. If there was ever such a clear indication of double standards when it comes to the treatment of Chinese, this is it....

    a similar incident - 2 Chinese (from China) students - were shot dead in cold blood in America. Look at who turned up for the vigil:


    400, all ethnic Chinese. The university is 65% white. Go figure.

    And the worse part is, the Chinese media in China weren't outraged by Americans killing their people, lack of respects by Americans in their vigils etc... things that other races (and it seems, me) would've picked up on if the equivalent occured to them...nope, they focused on the 2nd hand car they were shot in.

    Chinese media reported the two were murdered in their luxury BMW because they were 'showing off their wealth,' outraging the victims' friends.

    In a statement released on Thursday, classmates and friends of Wu and Qu said they are 'deeply grieved and angered at the distorted reports of our friends', reports the LA Times.

    As news of the shooting broke, media outlets first reported that Wu was found dead in a new BMW.

    Headlines in China have focused on the make of the car because luxury vehicles have become a political issue in the country.

    But in their statement, friends say Qu had recently purchased the BMW, which was in fact a used 2003 model with 80,000 miles on the clock. He had planned to use the car to commute to a job after graduating this spring.

    Regardless of whether new or old, you'd think the Chinese media would've brush that away - their own people were killed, whilst abroad. You read the patriotic, xenophobic articles when such an incident occurs to whites. Indians (just read Times of India online). But Chinese? Nope, gotta bad mouth the victims further. Sometimes I feel there is no hope, because our people do not look out for our own, instead always looking for excuses to let the non Chinese off.

    1. The main link to that photo is here


      Also I read somewhere that since 2000, the boom in mainland newly rich folk who send their children to expensive universities are frowned upon by regular Chinese folk.

      Because this wealth attained was largely thanks to their guangxi with CCP as well as corrupt CCP members who send their students to study abroad. This creates a jealous attitude amongst mainlanders. And lets face it, thats also an issue in Chinese nature, truth be told.

      In a conversation with a young girl from Guangdong, who in our conversation she thought overseas Chinese are snobs. Yet when it came down to the question of who she would marry, it would still be the choice between a white and a Chinese.

      Point being, when some mainlanders associate the west with freedom and prosperity, more often than not it comes to down to the old green eyed monster or have and have not, which is what we are largely about - a money culture.

      This jealous/possessive aspect to our Chinese nature can obviously apply in our own UK Chinese community too, except that as a community we have chosen to be geographically dispersed from each other in order to not to have to deal with it.

      On another note, which is semi related to your article... Asian Americans tend to have more of a giving spirit, you can see this as to why many countries look to america land of the free etc. When you take that same concept, and apply it to us British Chinese, there isn't the same giving spirit.

      Hong Kong was made a financial hub thanks to the UK,which is arguably the financial hub of the western world. That Chinese would then relocate from one financial hub to another, can arguably make those same Chinese more or equally money-concious, not less.

  6. Speaking of education - have a look at this, a random thread I picked up whilst surfing.


    This kid is a mixed race and very mixed up from the looks of it.

    Is he a product of WM/CF or CM/WF ?


    1. 'Dad hit me for disobedience/poor results' CM/WF, im assumming. Also because he wrote ' half-chinese half-english ' on a UK/western student forum board, which typically would read as 'half english half chinese'

    2. Of course his father is CM, no white man as a single parent is going to raise their Eurasian son straight from an Amy Chua manual. He even admitted that the Chinese/white Eurasian combo is not a good if youre a male, it seems to be me the benefits of being Eurasian are largely female.

      Incidently, I read another topic on that site posted by a BBC about racism against BBCs, of course he made the mistake posting it on a mainstream (white) website, you think the average non-Chinese is going to sympathetic about racism against Chinese when their race is accused of racism? Of course they showed him no mercy and one person even thought it was funny to call him a chink just wind him up more, guess the ethnicity of the person who called the BBC a chink? It was a Eurasian.

    3. I read that too. Unsurprising about the racist Eurasian.'Stop complaining youre making me look bad infront of my white peers!'

      So desperate is the whitewashed BBC that he/she will pander to whites to get sympathy but amongst BBCs? No no no you get too worked up about racism... but dont make fun of white people - thats racist! haha@ the hypocrisy

    4. "It seems to be me the benefits of being Eurasian are largely female."

      In Europe maybe, in the Far East : NO.


    5. That is the odd thing. In a mixed, 50/50 child, he should be equalling associating (and take pride in) his chinese side as his white side. It is not a question of affiliating with the majority (white) - look at half black-whites, a lot of them actually side with black cultures, black people more than whites. They most definitely would not be derorgatory towards fellow blacks.

      They wouldn't dare make fun of whites because the mixed will lose out on 100% of their social circles... whereas insulting chinese is fine, because they make up 0% of their social circle... it's all about what is acceptable or not - to YOUR network.

      This is probably due to the social dynamic that seems to be widespread in white societies - where ethnic Chinese are below other races on the "social ladder" re: respect.

  7. That pic you chose of Oxford University or whatever uni it is, just sums up everything evil about this country haha

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  9. Dumb Chinese parents Gerald and Lily Chow (note their wannabe western names) paid $2.2m to educational consultancy to get their child into Harvard and failed and now attempting to sue...


    1. FOBS more money than sense, Jewish 'education consultancy'scammer too eager to take advantage.

      Cycle perpetuates.