Sunday, 10 June 2012

Restaurant owners given one month to pay £1million

Ipswich: Restaurant owners given one month to pay £1million court order

Phing Woon Pun and his wife Kim Tai Wong, who ran the Temptation Chinese Buffet in Carr Street and the Lucky Star Takeaway in Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich, were ordered to pay a total confiscation order of £1m by a judge last year after they were found guilty of conspiring to breach UK immigration laws and converting criminal property.

Pun, 50, of Penn Close, Capel St Mary, was jailed for six years and was made the subject of a £683,370 confiscation order and his wife was jailed for 30 months and ordered to pay a £322,000 order.

Judge Peter Thompson adjourned the case until June 21 after hearing the couple were in the process of selling their Carr Street premises and arrangements had been made to sell property in Malaysia.

Judge Thompson told Pun that by the next hearing he expected him to have produced £25,000 worth of Rolex watches that had been seen by police officers during a search of the couple’s home, but had not been accounted for since.

The pair were arrested after immigration officers carried out raids at their two restaurants and discovered 20 Chinese and Malaysian illegal immigrants working at the premises.


  1. Here is an article I found about a chinese couple given to me what seems like a bit of an excessive fine

  2. Looks like Chinese businesses with hiring of immigrants are easy targets for greedy authorities are using these opportunities to make 'easy cash'

    And no idea what the Police's right have in nosing through the owners personal belongings,like rolexes and evaluating on the spot how much they are worth- sounds like a bunch of professional thieves calculating how much they can screw out of him. And I dont understand what hiring immigrant works has to do with 'converting criminal property' or whatever that means.

    1. And addition to 1 million pound fine being Jailed for 6 years? And his wife 30 months? Fucking authorities, theyre the biggest crooks of all.

    2. The white authorities' objectives are clear. Disrupt and prevent the Chinaman from being socially and financially successful by any means. Arrest or kill (eg. running over the Chinese student when the undercover officer ignored a red light) Chinese men, whilst fucking Chinese women. That is their objective.

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  3. Hiring illegal immigrants is an illegal offence (tautology). Not sure why anyone thinks they are worthy of defending.

    Not only do these people help to give a bad name to the British-Chinese community, but they exploit their workers by circumventing lawful practices (such as the minimum wage) and thereby they are able to out-compete nearby Chinese restaurants that stay within the law.

    My parents own a Chinese restaurant, and we were only too glad when one of our cheating scum competitors got closed down for employing illegal immigrants.

    1. Well said Wai. Quite frankly, we the ethnic Chinese, have bigger problems than worrying about illegal immigrants of Chinese origin. No doubt a few are criminals - by that I mean killers or rapists and such - but the majority of illegals just want to make a better life. I did actually wonder about that scenario, where Chinese (or even BBCs, considering how many of them want to be white/adopted a "white first" mentality already) would actually NOT help out a fellow ethnic Chinese from racism simply because they were illegal and thus "deserve it". Now I know.

      Anonymous11 June 2012 02:16, no doubt you are of the type who will blank out all racism, ignore the Chinese man being beaten up because "he probably deserved it for not being white enough" etc.... you are a disgrace to our people. But alas, if you were hurt in an attack, I would still help you out. Why? Because regardless of your disgusting attitude of self hatred towards your own people, you are still one of us. And that is what people do - help our own out.

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  4. Government Policy
    The legality of an immigrant is dependent on the government policy at the time. If there is a gap in the workforce and manpower is needed to help maintain the economy then the threshold for entry into the country is lowered to accommodate. If unemployment is high or there are too many people then the legal requirements to enter for those without skills are tougher and to do so is deemed illegal.

    Regarding Exploitation
    Exploitation is an extension of profit, large US cooperations exploit cheap labour in south east asia to make a profit. Your parents buy potatoes, process them and sell them as chips at a profit, yet the potato farmer sees very little of this profit despite working 10 times harder to grow it. By the same value, have you and your parents exploited the farmer for all his hard labour ?

    Regarding Illigal immigrants
    The majority of Chinese entering the UK in the 80s or 90s entered or were assisted entry to the uk by illegal means.

    They did this in search of a better life with the perception that they would find this in the UK. They weren't skilled, didn't speak English and unless they worked in a take a way they would have starved and died. Much the same as the illegal immigrants you talk so badly of in your post.

    Many of the children of these "illegal immigrants" have gone into professions such as banking, law, medicine and dentistry as a result of their immigrant parents breaking laws to enter the UK.

    It may be that your parents were not illegal and of course you are entitled to your opinion.

    However if you truly believe in your cause then you should have the courage to apply it to everything you do in life - you should ensure your future wife/husband has no roots or connections to illegal immigrants and make sure that they and there parents are aware of your position so that they can make a fully informed opinion of you.

    If you feel such strong resentment to illegal immigrants and their employers then make your opinions vocal the next time you visit Chinatown.

    More importantly if you or your wife and children are ever the subject of racism and are appealing for help from any other Chinese immigrant or their offspring you should also have the courage to inform them of your thoughts about illegal immigrants. I hope you will stand by your words and refuse help from these kind of people should you ever need it.

    Although you are entitled to your opinion, from my point of view it is disappointing to see that instead of feeling any compassion for people in search of a better life, not only do you belittle them but you laugh at their misfortune.

    Attitudes such as yours seem commonplace amongst the Chinese, but less so amongst the Jewish, Indian and eastern Europeans who value their heritage.

    1. wai, if you want to be blog your own articles here, you need to send me email from your Google account so I can then send you an invite. my email address is on profile.

  5. I think the debate should not be about questioning the illegal immigrants per se, but questioning the actions of British citizens (FOB Chinese)that employ FOB illegal immigrants.

    In the news article, they didn't just employ one or two illegals, they employed 20! That alone is a £200,000 fine, the 1million total which has to be paid tells you how much profit can be made from an illegal workforce.

    Many of these types of 'perpetual foreigner' FOBs are only in this country to make money for themselves within their own family unit and then run off with all the profits out of the country back to Asia etc, they're not here to build a legacy for future Chinese generations to follow, too much about the British Chinese community seems to evolve around generational short-termism or disintegration.

    This is isn't about making a simple living, this is criminal activity used to fuel their obsession with procuring luxury status brands/products such as Rolex watches, its a self-serving mentality.

    1. I agree, but at the same time, money does build long term stability. Look at the criminal gangs in this country who not only have indulged in short termism and greed but ALSO maintained their roots and spread their family through having children, neighbourhood influence etc... black, asian gangs are quite successful in this. Of course the counterfeit stuff is wrong, but you were suggesting that "making a fast back" meant not staying here and building a future... whereas many other groups have done both, so it's not mutually exclusive.

  6. Not exclusive to the Chinese community. Seen many a time with the Turkish, Kurds and Pakistanis. I agree it is rich pickings, but sadly too many think they can get away with it, and these headlines serve as a reminder to others who are doing it at the moment.

  7. Wait, what. 6 YEARS for hiring illegal immigrants? I suspect the converting criminal property was based on the proceeds of employing illegals, thus the money used to pay for the property was illegal? Pathetic whites.

    How about they sentence ANY black or asian (or russian) illegal to jail? Oh wait, that HAS NEVER HAPPENED. Not unless they have RAPED or KILLED. Hiring illegals is punishable by FINES. Not jail.

    Furthermore, Simon San... KILLED by white racists outside his takeaway - the killer got 5 years, out in 2 and a half. This couple haven't hurt, let alone killed anyway, they get SIX????

    I hope they use the death sentence on that white rapist in China as a response. Oh wait, inferiority complex, they've probably let him go by now.

    1. The converting criminal property was about obtaining a mortgage to buy a house. Perfectly legal except that the Bank staff did not bother to put down that he already had a business mortgage which was given by another bank ( secured on the restaurant business).