Thursday, 28 June 2012

Chinese Irish Player Racially Abused By Opponents In Football Game

Sarsfields player Lee Chin.

The GAA have banned two players for racially abusing a Wexford county footballer – born and bred in the county.
Star player Lee Chin was the victim of the racial abuse when playing for Sarsfields against Duffry Rovers.

A noted dual star, Lee Chin has played hurling and football for Wexford at every level.
Wexford county chairman Diarmuid Devereux condemned the incident.
He stated: “Lee Chin is a Wexford man, born in Wexford, living in Wexford, educated in Wexford and working in Wexford. He is one of our stars of the future. Hopefully, many more will follow his example."
The two opponents were named in referee Brendan Martin’s report for racially abusing Chin. The ref specially outlined the racist remarks made by one player on the field from Duffry Rovers and by a substitute on the sideline.
The Wexford County Board have since banned both players for two months and re-iterated that they will not tolerate racism in their sport.
Duffry Rovers co-operated with the investigation and were not fined.
The decision to ban both players has been welcomed by the Gaelic Players Association which represents inter-county players in gaelic football and hurling.
A GPA spokesman told the Irish Independent: “Racism is a problem that, if allowed to go unchecked, is a huge threat, and the GAA have made huge strides to promote integration.“


  1. Why isn't anyone commenting? Lee Chin, an upstanding member of our tightly knit British Chinese community has been discriminated against!

    1. County Wexford is in the Rep of Ireland, not Northern.

      I admit two months does seem like a relatively short penalty, I would've hoped for disciplinary action, although considering its an isolated case in a relatively rural area its a positive outcome nonetheless, and from what I've read in the comments section of the Irish news sites everyone is in support the banning.

      If this happened in the UK, I can imagine no action being taken.

      In Ireland, I read that most racist/xenophobic attacks are directed against the black and Polish population there.

    2. Heres another incident from last year Irish foreign minister Micheal Martin mimicked a Chinese accent but apologised later.

      Also mentions an estimated 60,000 Chinese-speaking people live in Ireland. Maybe slightly better for Chinese to live there, who knows. Never been there, myself.

  2. Ireland isn't in the UK so you need to change the title. Also misleading to claim him as an 'upstanding member of our tightly knit British Chinese'. He's Irish Chinese.

    1. Thats two mistakes on the blog you've spotted so far. Well done. Fancy contributing an article to the blog?

  3. Funny how Eurasians like Lee Chin voice racism, and receive apologies yet ethnic Chinese stay quiet about it. You wouldve thought it would be the other way around.

  4. A much more interesting article which you could have used..

    Mr Chin said the on-pitch comments were not the first slurs he has suffered. "I've been putting up with this kind of abuse for my entire life,' he said.

    He said he now feared that other players who are of a mixed ethnicity might also suffer the same fate.

    He clearly does not perceive himself to be a Chinese person, but mixed race. It is also interesting how sportsmen in general tolerate racism and racial abuse towards them. In the Lee Chin case, it was the referee who filed the report, if the referee didn't do anything, Lee chin wouldn't have done anything and just take racism as he has done throughout his life, what a pathetic lamer he is.

    Very few sportsmen actually make a stand against racism, Stan Collymore had a twitter racial abuser prosecuted and the recent John Terry/Rio Ferdinand case are quite rare, most of them seem to take it on the chin like that other pathetic lamer Jeremy Lin (who was also racially abused on twitter yet did nothing). They really only have themselves to blame to refusing to fight racism, a lot of them suffer from racial self-hatred issues like Tony Underwood and marry whites and don't like being reminded they're not actually White people or in the case of NBA - Black people.

    1. Right I should have posted that one instead. Funny how theres so many tabloids to choose from for this publicised Eurasian griping.

      I'm guessing one of the obvious reasons why ethnic sports players dont make a stand is probably because its run by white people , audiences are white and their salary is paid by white people. No difference from the UK Chinese community attitude towards racism in that respect.

      Football is a game designed for racists - its the only way countries can compete without going to war with each other. I dont think I can ever recall one single EURO or world cup where there hasnt been a single racist incident.

      Russian fans made monkey noises at the Czech Republic full-back Theodor Gebre Selassie recently and Uefa has fined the Russian and Spanish football associations a total of €50,000 (£40,335) for racist abuse by their fans during Euro 2012.

      Note Blacks and Italians are defended. Im guessing the only reason China wasnt mocked was because their trainer was a Spanish Captain.

    2. I also found this peculiar... and disappointing. It seems mixed people are continuing the notion of their parents (at least one of them - the chinese part) in wanting to be assimilated (through destroying any trace of their racial heritage). So Chin goes on about the pains of fellow mixed people who may suffer, oblivious to the fact that he's not being racially abused for his white side, but his chinese side.

      So never mind the Irish Chinese, let's look out for the Irish mixed community.

      Which is why, when mixed people ask don't they qualify as the chinese community in white countries, they are more likely seen as a negative influence than positive to the chinese people... because they are unaware of themselves projecting a white centric chinese opinion - rather than an ethnic chinese one.

    3. Yes exactly. They in fact, they only represent themselves. Once they have their apology, then people forget the complaint. The status quo is restored.

      Politically Eurasians do nothing for the ethnic Chinese community.

      Funny I was going to google something more about Anna Lo,the first Chinese to be elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly, then I found the blog on the google search haha

      She has eurasian children- I wonder if this had anything to do with Chin's eurasian tabloid frenzy getting so much online media coverage.

      Altogether now lets sing some Whitney Houston: ' I believe Eurasians are our future - teach them well and let them lead the way...'

  5. Well ballatelli was depicted as king kong at gazzeta della sport after the england game.

  6. “Lee Chin is a Wexford man, born in Wexford, living in Wexford, educated in Wexford and working in Wexford. "

    I take it if he was not one or all of those things it would be fine, then?