Saturday, 17 November 2012

British public schools exported to China

The BBC's George Alagiah reports on the rise of fee-paying schools in China which mirror British public schools.The schools are in contrast to the state system in China, with an emphasis on creativity and inquiry.

Amidst the growth of the glass and concrete grown of the city of Tianjin is Wellington College, a replica of the Berkshire school, there are 300 students mainly from the ex-patriate community but with a growing number of Chinese students. Mimi Zhoh is only 5 years old but her prestigious piano playing talent, has already seen her perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Mimi's parents pay more than £15000 a year in fees, they are doing more than buying an education,they are investing in a way of life. Her parents do not want her to endure the 24-7 life in China and in the future, want her to study abroad.

In light of the new visa restrictions for Chinese students coming to the UK,  David Cook, Master of Wellington College,in Tianjin, believes Chinese government should make it easier as possible for Chinese students to come to study in Britain, because the alternative means they are almost inevitable to go America to study.

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  1. School fees are £50k per year?! U sure u didnt accidently added an extra zero? White businessmen trying to rip-off us Chinese ppl again such as selling to us old Chinese vases they robbed from our imperial palaces centures ago?! I can't see using all the time, money, energy to create an amazing pianist at a young age will help our motherland, our fellow people?

    1. Typical Chinese self-interested thinking,only about prestige and how others admire them, sod the community, as the saying goes.

  2. Here's what white men do. They look at the pluses of other cultures, go there to learn, then setup shop back home as an "expert" to sell services and products of their "expertise". An obvious example of this is "oriental" martial arts schools in the west now headed by a white man. Where a couple of years with some monks makes you an expert.

    Here's what the Chinese do. They look at the pluses of other cultures, go there to learn, and try their damnest to stay there and be assimilated. The ones that do return - out of necessity or because they've had bad experiences, do not setup shop to teach others. They - and other Chinese, want a service - and wait. Sooner or later, white man comes along. "Looks like this is a great chance to exploit these gullible Chinese suckers"... and before you know it, the white man is raking in the money - note he needn't be an expert in whatever, just a great bullshitter (see the white people hired by chinese companies to be PR representatives - even though they are illiterate) - in charge of a niche market in China simply because no Chinese was entrepreneurial or possessive enough to close that gap in the market.

    This is happening everywhere, on all scales, from small business to as you see - multicorporations buying up shopping centres (tesco) in China. It is beyond ridiculous.

    1. don,t forget the tobacco industry, flogging their stuff in the far east which is their biggest market.

  3. "Her parents do not want her to endure the 24-7 life in China and in the future, want her to study abroad."


    Do British, American parents who work to the bone want their kids to study abroad to escape the 24/7 life there? I find it hard to believe that because of their own life experiences, their kids will obviously follow suit and the only way to escape is to go abroad.

    Chinese parents are their own worst enemy.

    1. Furthermore, like many Chinese parents like them (including ours), have their thought about the future repercussions - they're just thinking "living conditions" and "money"... not social, perceptions of the majority, cultural etc... these Chinese adults with kids (esp. with girls) are unwittingly destroying our race, they need to be educated, maybe spend less on designer goods and extracurricular education and more on cementing ties with each other with social bonds... in China.

  4. Nothing new here; and don't think it will work, schools like this have been around for ages, they call them ' international schools'.

    You just create a load of Euro pariahs who end with American accents and totally devoid of their own culture, quite ironic really but totally realistic. The Jews are cheating not only the Chinese but the so called expats too.

    I met a few of these ex pats who have returned back to UK to take advantage of the various freebies here and I can say that they quite alienated from their own kind. I think BBcs are better integrated into UK than they are.

    Local Whites should object to these imposter - sheaters coming 'home', they have contributed nothing and they take everything.

  5. FOB parenting ¬.¬' Do most mainlanders think America or UK is like heaven for Chinese people? Maybe Chinese media should often show negative news about western countries using the pathetic Daily Mail style so FOBs dont think the west is like paradise for Chinese ppl. I'm surprised no BBCs/ABCs/CBCs[Canadian]/OBCs[Oceania] etc have set up international schools.

    1. Indeed, that is the general thinking. Amazingly, many (and by many I mean millions if not hundreds of millions) of China/in East Asia Chinese see white countries as the land of milk and honey, the way to enlightenment, the fabled land etc etc... only the few who are friends of ethnic Chinese who have since returned to the country know better... in fact there are quite a few stories on here of attacks on ethnic Chinese, and when they are interviewed (e.g. the wife of a guy who was killed in a takeaway) they always say they want to return to China.

      Yet for the millions of Chinese in China, Britain and America are perfect and safe. They may bring economic prosperity, but - and this is the main problem with Chinese everywhere - they fail to see that life isn't just about money, that there are several other aspects that need to be considered - social, your status in the new society, cultural retention etc.... they take none of these things to account when they move the entire family here or ship their daughter to Britain to be "integrated"

  6. Let me guess, this idea originated from a white person. Too many Chinese filling up the spaces in Britain, so they invent a branch inside China for the Chinese. Except, the Chinse will clock on, it's a more inferior version and actually 'self' devalue their own brand. Why? Because it's in China! This is the problem. Chinese people are sometimes their worst enemy. They are so brain-washed into thinking the west is great, they'll immediately assume that anything inside China might not be up to scratch. SF.

    1. Ironically

      Rover expanding in China and cutting costs by making it there...

      "It is vital that your opposite number does not lose face, so banging the table to get things done simply doesn't work. All negotiations must be win-win."

      What is it with white folk in a Chinese related article, it's as if they have a genetic requirement to have to say "lose face" in the piece? The context in this is that if you piss off your opposite number in a meeting, you won't progress. Well no shit sherlock. Of course if he was talking about a non chinese person, he wouldn't say "lose face", which really is annoying.


    Note this time Asian is "us" - interesting how the white press seem to swap the terms freely when it suits.

    As usual, the Daily mail comments shows the usual non chalance of racism when it comes to slanty eyes". Some of the views there... wouldn't be acceptable at all if directed towards blacks.

    1. Anyone who is happy to rant and rave using the"F"and "C" words so readily can't be too easily offended. Don't dish it out if you can't take it!

      - Nigel-Thornberry, edinburgh, 18/11/2012 17:37


      There are many like him that fail to realise that being rude is not the same as being rude and racist whilst acting on behalf of a "professional" organisation.

      The fact is that if a white irate customer who used rude language at a company, he/she may be refused service based on their rudeness... if they responded with rudeness, or furthermore made a personal insult on race grounds.... even worse. People fail to (or don't want to) realise this.

      Another raises a good point though

      Who the hell cares?

      - Tellithowitis, Clacton on sea, 18/11/2012 19:33

      Really, who does care? If directed towards blacks, south asians (or even whites), there would be a storm kicked up by the race's people in question. Whereas East Asians are more likely to withdraw and "take it on the chin", just to avoid confrontation and to avoid explain to the brainded just WHY it is racist.

      And so the cycle continues, and grows.

    2. What the hell is going on with that twitter post? Is Asian Ronaldo a real user or just some sock puppet? Is this a case of one East Asian racially abusing another with the term "gook" being used because "Jae Jang" is most likely a Korean name?

  8. Hey guys, just wanna extend the question a bit from my BBC perspective, comment more later,

    Question, given a choice where is the best place to study China, HK, UK? or US?
    Which would give the "best" future or a good grounding to prepare one for the future? How do race issues and identity matter in these choices? For BBC parents (like mine, sadly) its all about which will my my boy or girl materialistically "rich". For me its a bit more about the experience and meeting chinese people so my answer ideally would be a mixture, including a stint in europe somewhere, this is entirely against my parent's wishes or world view.

    1. BBC parents need a kick up their shallow backside. Money is good, it opens doors (sadly) but if your/their thoughts revolve around it at the expense of other areas, then you know it's gone wrong. Sure I understand the need to accumulate wealth based on their experiences of seeing the "have nots" in China fall by the wayside and be forgotten, and one of the precursors to that is a good education (which should be based on curiosity and the will to learn and "be" new things - not for the sake of getting a job that pays the most*) but they have to understand you need the whole package in all areas in white countries to succeed.

      So to answer your question, do not follow their views. Listen to them, but only as part of a wider decision making that suits YOU.
      As you say you want to meet Chinese people (China Chinese? English speaking - and thus whitewashed Chinese?) that isn't 10 years younger (as would be the case if you went to teach English abroad), but at the same time also have time in Europe, then it is unlikely you can incorporate both in your course. Either take one of the many courses in Britain with a year in Europe, then in your holidays travel to China and/or join the Chinese society at your uni.....

      or... there are many UK unis now setting up in China (basically taking Chinese students' money without them actually visiting Britain - talk about swindling)... but that could cater to you as it is taught in English and you will be absorbed in Chinese people who (hopefully) can speak half decent English. Watch out for the slimy white guys who will hook in as many naive Chinese girls as possible though....I noticed it again at uni today, a white guy and 4 chinese girls swarming around (1 speaking in terribly broken english) him.....I swear, all a white guy has to do is talk to a chinese girl and they're hooked onto him - surely they themselves can see themselves as "easy"? Maybe they want to be seen as such....

      *which is a failure anyway... in the last census and a more recent report on minorities and living standards (I think it was released by a race equality thinktank, can't remember the name) - surprisingly, despite being academically the best, with the Indians right behind and the whites further back... when it comes to jobs, the whites are on top (unsurprisingly given the ethnocentrism - take note China and East Asia!), Indians close behind and the Chinese are waaaaay said that most of the Chinese who went on from school successfully are stuck in junior management positions at best. Another words, a definite glass ceiling

    2. @Anonymous19 November 2012 20:43

      There are courses in HK China that accept English-language speakers. Some good media courses esp.

      Being amongst Chinese in HK or China means you wont get any racism except for being a jooksing, but I think amongst the younger gen of HK'ers and mainlanders nowadays everyone wants to speak English, so you cant lose. Obviously for relationships/friendships speaks for itself.

      For Law/Humanities Sciences Business and you still want to be amongst a bigger Chinese ethnic group, and English language is the dominant language maybe look to USA or Canada.

      As a last resort, choose a European or British Uni,almost any degree, which are always highly regarded in the Far East. Your degree will always be looked at better if you want to get a job in China/HK, so just ignore the racism/lack of social identity and focus on your studies.

      If your focused on getting a job, and you can speak the lingo, any degree should do you, because you can get work here, then travel abroad later, if thats what you eventually want.

      What's your chosen major and how good is your Cantonese/Mandarin?

  9. Today's Metro, a Natwest ad for mortgages....white guy and oriental girl getting close.


    1. I'm always with the world's local bank anyway. Hope all East Asians boycott NutsWest! Anway now it makes me wanna find a Metro to have a look.


    Notice that a lot of the comments are "surprised" they weren't just shot or whatever. As if they're still stuck in the past. You can equate this to the "Jane Austen" effect in China, where most there still think Britain is a land of gentlemen (lol), top hats and ladies in long dresses.... the problem being is that these outdated stereotypes are negative re: China, but positive with Britain - thus the Chinese retaining a positive view of Britons when the reality is worse than they think - whilst whites (this includes America as well) see China as overwhelmingly worse than it really's a lose-lose scenario. And it's all based on spin and image.

  11. Commenting live here, just went into an internet cafe and the entrance, there were these yobbo type children messing around and generally causing an obstruction. Said to one of these fat white liberal types who was also going in at the same time - that that sort of thing should not be allowed.

    And he replied like the coward he was ' oh it's public property, there's nothing wrong with it.' Then I fired back ' you're nothing but an apologist'.

    It continued for a bit and the upshot was he was ugly fat and frustrated and trying to take it out on society by feigning ' tolerance ' and who was shocked that a ' Chinaman ' would stick it to him straight in the face.

    See not all BBC guys vs Whites transactions are bad for us. I suggest you guys do the same thing.

    He's consoling himself to an Indian woman right now,no surprise there lol.

    1. Nice one, In a public rights situation like that, irrespective of right or wrong,most whites will always defend white behaviour, that's for sure.

      I think I can recall giving a group of black kids a good earful when they were flashing a pocketlazer beam pen in some guys face on a bus coming back from hackney.

      But youre right, If we spoke out more in public rights situations, it can get us better respect as 'British' as the benefits in your example, are for everyone who wants to enter the internet cafe entrance, and not just one individual.

      As long as we dont have our own media, its the next best thing.

  12. puffs a cigarette...expanding ^ ...I kinda agree chinese should stick up for themselves more, instead of sleepwalking in accepting the best is west ideology without realising it, or display weakness and surrender, by accepting one as a "yellow" woman. When actually one should be standing up more for the- Chinese is BEST attitude if you got any chinese pride left, otherwise we be all surrendering to the f***ing lor bak taus, if you not careful LOL, I jest...

    ..just a brief example that the chinese can be more vocal and stronger that some of the bloggers suggest. I once come across a comedy store promo girl at leicester sq near the bigC dressed up in paddy field gear with the triangular hat; I questioned her, civil and articulate, if she was takin the mick?
    She was sh*tting it.

    exhales puff...ahhh