Monday, 12 November 2012

Can BBC's Find Happiness In The Far East?


With the endless western media Sinophobia, enforced 'invisibility' of our British community, for BBCs who haven't completely embraced multiculturalism, being a 'minority', increasingly depressing economic times, even if you are relatively quite well off financially, if you have an ounce of social observation/sympathy, it can at times be difficult to 'switch off' from negative news around us.

In the East however, things are looking better comparatively, BBC's whose parents are from the New Territories often have village homes they can travel to and from, relatives they can stay with for some time, whilst looking for work, or even just for a break from being here in the UK. 

Culturally, for some BBCs although popular HK/Chinese music TV or Film may not compete in quality with western output, China is increasingly becoming westernised, and in both China and Hong Kong there are many English speaking students, not to mention many who want to learn the English language.

The main problem for some BBC's is the Chinese language, having already integrated with western society or encouraged to continue to speak Cantonese/Mandarin growing up, as well as we ought to,  though it may take some time to get back to a fluent level, if we are lucky to have helpful parents, and sometimes friends/relatives or spouses who do,we can have an advantage when it comes to improving our speaking ability which can obviously help us when it comes to finding work out there.

In the UK, It's clear western media will not tolerate Chinese,except at arm's length, BBC's will never create an independent media, FOBS will continue to run their FOB businesses and create their own exclusive FOB-only circles, all of which will do nothing for British Chinese social identity despite China's growing world presence.

Despite partnering with British Companies, until China buys up western media, which could be some time off, if ever, and British Chinese community takes more social interest beyond 'Self-interest', for BBC's who want to reconnect with our Chinese heritage, looking to the Far East as a serious option for relocation, if not a long extended stay, could be the missing piece in our culture-starved lives.

As an ethnic Chinese living in Britain,  how do you feel, about the fact you and future generations growing up in the UK may never be fully accepted by British society, and only tolerated? And if relocating to the Far East, is an option by contrast, is it one worth considering?


  1. Should we BBCs all just leave this country since we're seen as outsiders anyway? Also do u or your kids wanna stay here to pay to high taxes? Move to China to help our fellow people! We should set up a school teaching English so white people such as the Pearson company [think that's how it's spelt] won't make money from our fellow Chinese people!!!

    1. Its a real dilemma, because you can see the consistent effort that Imperialists do to denigrate Chinese in this country, you do wonder how long its going to go on for...

      Often I get jealous of those BBCs who, Cantonese intact, can just up and go to stay in their parents home village /apartment anytime, like a second home making their English-teaching jobhunting a lot easier.

      RE English teaching school. Could even be the first example of BBCs actually hiring BBCs for once, rather than either( from what Ive heard) splitting into either FOBlicking or whitelicking groups out there in HK.

      You should email BBCz, he has good opinions on this. Re mainland China, I know theres a school in Beijing I think called the Oriental language school, that hires overseas Chinese rather than the obligatory whites, may want to look into it.

    2. There are many BBC teachers already, I know a couple of BBCs who did the TEFL course and now teach in HK/Taiwan (its well paid as well) they get a lot of respect because they speak with a proper "english" accent. The odd thing even though they are exposed to more professional chinese peoples, they are coupled with non-chinese who teach languages aswell, i may be attending the wedding which will be half chinese/western, whether this is the new bbc trend don't know. Also i know some bbcs who never been exposed to "chinese" culture and never been to HK/china, once they have 18 yrs later its too late IMO, they suddenly realised what they ve missing, they love the 24 hr city the night life the cheap food the clothes and of course the complete absence of racism, not surprised they begin to hate their parents and changing career plans. HBC it never too late to pick up the lingo. I staying in the Uk because I can't my brother who working in a western bluechip at Central HK, me jealous, a bit.

    3. Thats weird that if theyre partnering with white partners. Maybe its the language thing. If BBC non-canto speakers have to day in day out teach FOBs who regard you as jooksing,like some of the FOBS here in London, eventually they will tire of it and cave in maybe to the point as you say having non-Chinese partners. I've also heard HK FOB women are cliquey ( ie only hang with locals) and of the ones ive met, a materialistic headfuck.

      Bro where are you in London? You saying you cant speak Cantonese thats why youre here in UK yet youre saying its not too late to learn the lingo? I thought you speak Hakka or am I confusing you for someone else?

      Im already doing my bit in the lingo department. As i said on here my own parents are shit, so I tend to rely on friends to help me and my gran, but shes fastidious when it comes to grammar ( either Mandarin or Cantonese) so I give up practicing with her most times.

    4. If you teaching english as foreign lang, in the HK, its students are not the standard FOBs it just native "chinese" people some of them middleclass clients, most of the western bluechip companies use english as the business language. Also the western lang tutors who decide to work in HK are not the standard racist xenophobes, in some cases they are more interesting and adventurous than some safe HK people and BBCs, who are just closed minded and too materialistic, hence may account for some mixed marriages.
      IMO the best way to learn the lingo, is to go native, is to live the place actively and fully, not just a phrasebook. learn to swear, learn the slang, do the karaOKe songs, wear the flip flops, very soon without trying, you become.
      I can speak canto and hakka because i used to visit HK at least once a yr, but i am staying in the UK as my "home", because all things considered I prefer UK as to specifics, thats TMI.


    5. Anonymous12 November 2012 00:44
      The odd thing even though they are exposed to more professional chinese peoples, they are coupled with non-chinese who teach languages aswell, i may be attending the wedding which will be half chinese/western, whether this is the new bbc trend don't know.


      it is the far eastern "trend" - I call it an epidemic. People of Far East origin loving East Asian culture, hanging out and being good close friends with East Asians, only to marry off to the one white person in the group who has sneakily tagged along. Because he knows he will get his China doll.

      You look at this behaviour of other races... i.e. people of the same race socialising with each other - it is common (and makes sense) for them to marry with each other. The only exception is of East Asian women (since I rarely see men who hang out in white groups marry a white woman) who do this.

    6. Compare oriental women who travel abroad to white women who do the same in the East - they rarely partner off with a local oriental partner, indeed they are more likely to pick up a white man in East Asia for obvious reasons (banging easy oriental girls) - know this - and still partner with them for a long term relationship. Baffling.

      Of course white men know this pattern, it's plain for all to see, hence the primary reason why white men make the Far East a holiday destination. They couldn't give a shit about culture, it's all about getting notches on the bedpost.

  2. This view is a complete cop out. At a time when oriental women are coming here and wanting to settle here to be assimilated into the white collective, oriental men can't handle it and are leaving for the ethnic majority homeland... which by the way is also increasingly filled by white (and asian) men marking their territory, getting chinese wives and having their children etc...

    Black and asian men have not, and still do not have an easy time in white countries. And of course neither do we. The difference is that the former two have still made this their home - no mention of "returning" to a racial majority country. They have slowly carved out their section of society, until the white British have - for better or worse - reluctantly accepted their place in Britain.

    White British still have not done the same for us, and copping out (along with racial assimilation) are the main reasons for this. Instead of grouping together with people who share the same background and experiences as a minority in a white country, we run to whites for advice and friendship. Women moreso than men, as the native men are more than willing to abuse this situation.

    Black and asian women, when they feel neglected or alone, do not do this. As a result, a couple of generations after they have arrived, they have a strong and growing voice. Whilst we are nothing.

    1. I don't think its a cop-out moreover an alternative. You can see from Anonymous12 November 2012 00:44 comment above, there are many BBC English teachers out there, I know a BBC who is out there who also has an ethnic Chinese girlfriend I think shes ABC and he is doing the hours, and I read of an ABC who has opened up western-style restaurants and making good money. Though career choice isnt as wide as in the UK,opportunities are there.

      Its not just about the Chinese female epidemic, its about lifestyle, being racially accepted. Yes British Chinese dont have a strong voice and unlike the other ethnic groups dont last generations, but look how long we have been here - its the same problems recycling themselves over and over, the format just goes from public lynchings to cyberspace media, issues remain the same. And sometimes you cannot change the mindset of what is essentially a people who just want to get on with their lives without hassle. In many ways you cant blame Chinese for who we are in that respect.

      We dont have our own media, most British Chinese news is just depressing, BBCs are dispersed geographically, FOBS do their own thing, cant you see that for some, the Far East maybe a better alternative?

      Chinese in Britain will never be accepted as British Chinese nor have media representation because of the agenda, you've been commenting on here long enough to know that. For those of us who have strong big families its okay, we can come on here, rant, then go back to our self-interested lives. For others, who dont have big families, and want to be part of something bigger, rather than waiting forever for something that may never happen, relocation is a very realistic alternative.

      I dont know when was the last time you visited China or Hong Kong, but you will probably agree with me that the feeling of being in a racial majority rather different than to one that is divided, invisible, diluted, geographically dispersed? This is not San Francisco Vancouver, or California, this is the UK we are talking about, and unless there is a sudden glut of mainlanders arriving here and we get our own Chinese town, other than 'Chinatown' nothing will change. Even in America, the voice for ethnic Chinese politicians is by and large a joke because most Chinese are apolitical by nature, anyway.

      For those of us that do their own self-interested thing like majority of BBCs its okay, but for those of us who want to really feel that connection, self-interest can take us abroad.

  3. Are all of you single? You must, otherwise why are you dissing the Chinese/oriental females so much.

    1. Mate, my gf is Chinese but it doesn't mean I can't voice my opinion about something that has affected me/is affecting some of my peers.

    2. No, I have been with my girlfriend - BBC - for 4 years now. My "dissing" is based on general observation and fact (the last census results - over 10 years ago - already showed 40% of oriental women being with other races, 4 times as much as oriental men)....what I (and surely everyone) has seen is plain simple. Hordes of East Asian women more likely to partner off with white, and it seems asian (south) men.... hell, in the past few days alone I have seen as many white male-oriental female couples as white men-white women couples! Just tonight, coming home from an evening class (which is based in uni and so goes through the uni route) I see a short, facially deformed british born south asian (who has the cocky "asian" accent - probably from yorkshire) with FOUR Chinese girls. They spoke to each other a lot on the bus but were always interrupted by the south asian male, trying to take charge in the conversation. As we all got off, I overheard him say SLOWLY AND LOUDLY in a condescending manner - do you want to eat Indian, Chinese, Pizza??>>

      Fuck sake. I imagine these Chinese girls came here looking to be enlightened, and got this. Their parents have no fucking idea.

    3. And I have mentioned this to her. She doesn't seem to mind - which plays into the "wanting to be assimilated" mindset. So by all miracles if she continues to stay with me to have ethnic Chinese children, I severely doubt they will want to have Chinese children. I look at asian and black families that have strong roots several generations down the line....and think, certainly with the current Chinese mentality in white countries - that is impossible to achieve.


    4. I like to mention our rolemodel edison Chen who is Canadian-born chinese, speaks fluent english and sings chinese, a goodlooking guy, but can't make it in Canada, so he spread his seeds to HK, instead of trying to made it in Canada or the states.

    5. Edison,is a good example of a foreign born Chinese star relocating to HK. Also along with Daniel Wu and maybe MC Jin, both ABCS had not so great Cantonese to begin with so its not impossible for those with rusty skills to master the lingo side of things.

    6. ...And lets not forget the numerous BBC/ABC/CBC Miss HK/CHina contestants, who avoid the "white" dominated prancing with your swimwear hamsup competitions.
      A few mixed race "beauties" have won or come close to the lesser known competition... Beauty contests they are soo dated now in the UK, but FOBs and the non-western chinese love the entertainment, and follow the gossip and sleaze religiously. Remember Jacky Chan he got a Miss HK contestant pregnant and tried to deny it. He is no cleancut mr niceguy like his films, but a hamsup like all the male judges there.
      Did you know ex Miss HK semi, Maggie Cheung went to QMC? She speaks english with a slight cockney accent. she recently divorced a white french guy.

    7. You really think EChen is a good role model?
      I reckon he doesn't even see himself as Chinese and behaves much more like a gweiloh, people like him spread white culture even more.

    8. Dont think he's a good rolemodel, more like a walking magnet for gossip. I was referring to good example of a famous non-speaking overseas Chinese,who learnt to speak the lingo well. Unless you think his Cantonese is dodgy pronunciation?

  4. I take it, the many comments are BBC men here? Do you have sisters here? Do you speak to them? Do you share your views? Seems that a few seem to be seething but unable to reach out to oriental/BBC women. Could the biggest problem lie from within the community?

    If we can't club together and speak openly, then what chance is there for the future of BBCs?

    BBC women or so-called naive FOB women are sometimes unable to see past that's happening around them. They have been marketed differently to BBC/oriental men. Agreed? So, whilst the men see this, it's no good pointing the finger at women as if they have sold out.

    It should be a campaign or awareness, and it should start at home being very close to your sisters too. Maybe it's me, I sense a feeling of being disconnected here. SF.

    1. Indeed, Chinese men with sisters in their family need to be far less blase - in some cases completely ignorant - of the matter. You hear of Chinese parents voicing disapproval when their daughter takes home a white guy - when they did fuck all to actually raise her up to value or even consider Chinese men. Then they are all surprised when they find she relates more to white men.

      Chinese women are given freedom akin to white women and black women in western societies - unlike asian women who have not only family but the wider asian community to "look out" for them. Obviously this accounts to why asian WOMEN do not intermarry - because their communities - sometimes forcibly stop them.

      Of course we shouldn't that. But then you look at black and white communities, who have some intermarrying - fair enough - but nowhere near to the extremes (especially taking into account our small population size) as East asian communities do.

      Looking at the interactions between white/asian men and east asian women (of which I have seen A LOT of the past few days - young and old) - I do notice it is rather forced i.e. their interaction to each other is unnatural. There are long pauses between speaking with each other. Indeed, speech is rare, and usually one sided - from the white male - there is no doubt he is controlling the way things are going, or not going.

      This suggests to me that oriental women simply want to socialise, and I would imagine being fluent in Mandarin, would rather do it with someone who was also fluent in Mandarin, rather than saying yes/no/don't understand replies.... but because no-one has done that (and there are plenty of Chinese men out there in uni, I can assure you), it has "left the door open" - which of course local men are happy to exploit, even if communication and understanding in poor/non existent.

      So there's an element of blaming Chinese women for being so easy to be sucked in by other races - yet at the same time I see so many single Chinese men out there.... what are they doing about it? They walk alone, they dine alone. Our suffering is other men's gain. We need to change this attitude, to help ourselves, and in turn our race.

    2. Another thing is that whilst in China and Hong Kong, I frequently hear of Chinese women making the first call i.e. approaching the (white) man in a situation.... obviously this never happens in white countries vice versa, furthering the divide.

      Is there a logical reason to this? If it's to "make foreigners" feel welcome, it is certainly a uniquely east asian female trait.

    3. SF look even closer to home - if you choose not to date BBC or FOB males yourself, yet at the same time advocate helping the future of BBCs', how easy do you think it is for a BBC male to speak to their own white/brown/blackwashed sister?

      As long as ethnic Chinese females consciously choose not to date Chinese males, they are legitimising the sleazy reputation (justified or unjustified) Chinese females have,

      simply because there is so much out-dating amongst Chinese women, that who they date represents which race they are genuinely fighting for.

      As Anonymous implies,and has been said before on here, theres not enough enforcement from outside BBC community, and with no internal pressure from family,Chinese women are free to do what they want.

      Having mixed race children is just the icing on the cake. Or nail in the coffin, whichever way you want to look at it.

      BBCz may have been right about bigger amounts of out-dating amongst Hakkas and Jiangsu/Shanghai province Chinese than any other types of Chinese. Ive also noticed Taiwanese have a lot of Hakka and Jiangsu province ancestry. This could also explain the huge amount of eurasians and whiteworshipping in that country than say Hong Kong ( extreme south ) or Beijing ( extreme north).

      And yes I also have some Hakka ancestry so obviously Im not doing myself any favours when I say this, when facts are facts.

      As western Chinese living in the heart of multicultural 'freedom' we just need to learn be accountable to our race,when theres no need to, and at some point choose to exercise racial self-discipline in our personal lives as if it really matters, not just yak about it.

      In regards to the article, relocating abroad where there is less'freedom'to date non-Chinese, IMO gives us a better chance to practice what we preach, linguistically and racially.

    4. Happybritishchinese, I choose to not be in a relationship. That's not the same as 'not' choosing a man of Chinese origins. The problem might even be an image problem for BBC men. The feeling I'm getting from what other BBC women is the fact that dating a BBC man is seen as boring and 'safe'. The idea of going outside that circle is seen as adventurous forward thinking.

      I don't know where that comes from other than the fact that maybe, it's been drummed in that Chinese men are computer nerds and still like a child.

      I think that if there is more media representation of Chinese men looking like Simon Yam, then it would be a change from the image.

      As for Hakka more likely to marry out. I don't know, and have never noticed any kind of difference. BBCZeitgiest might just be picking too much. Because that would insinuate that Hakka culture is vastly different to Cantonese culture. He must remember, very is a higher than normal amount of Hakkas living in the UK too. SF.

    5. lol @sg "Chinese men are computer nerds and still like a child"
      haha i agree, i come across so many chinese guys that are relatively emotionally immature, and are more at ease dealing with violent playstation games, and high performance motors, than socialing with women.

      sf i didn't you have the hots of Yam Dac-Wah, tut tut, have you seen him in the Jonnie To films? "Sparrow" is my fav.

    6. "Chinese men are computer nerds and still like a child."

      I agree with SF as well with regards to the maturity of the Chinese males. You do get some that are 'grown up' but I don't see many of those and normally they are the married ones.

      If your fellow male Chinese compatriots cannot find a Chinese girlfriend then maybe they should learn how to hold an interesting conversation with a female first, face to face and on different topics. Then maybe we might be interested.

    7. Don't disagree about the computer nerd analogy,probably to do with upbringing and inward looking nature, absent hardworking FOB parents, but unless that same nerd was conceived by a gay marriage, i'd guess an ethnic Chinese female was largely responsible for the child's upbringing.

      So 2 questions:

      1 what do BBC / FOB females consider 'interesting' conversation and on which topics?

      2. Do the same Chinese females rushing to create racial genocide think having a half-breed will make their child more 'interesting' or them, a proud parent?

    8. "Chinese men are computer nerds and still like a child."

      The irony of that excuse is that many BBC and FOB women end up with nerdy, socially-awkward white men. Such white men are more likely to actively pursue East Asian women and Chinese women are more forgiving of their character flaws. I've seen this happen many times.

    9. @happybritishchinese

      Answers to your questions:

      1. It will depend on the person, but even if it's not a topic the female is interested in, as long as the male makes it sound interesting, it will probably interest them. Put some animation in your conversations. I know a few Chinese guys that talk in monotone and it is boring. Ask questions as well as listen. It's a conversation so think of it as a ball that is passed back and forth. Both parties have to make an effort unless one party likes to hear the sound of their own voice. Being witty helps as well. Talk about travelling, talk about sports, talk about home life, talk about this blog, ask them interesting questions like 'do you feel chinese when you're living in the white world or do you feel white'. 'What do you think about plastic surgery'. Haha that last one would be funny thing to ask a female, especially on a first date... they'll probably think that you're saying they're not pretty or something unless they don't get offended that easily.

      2. One cannot predict genetics. Having a 'half-breed' does not make one's child more interesting. Raising the child to be interesting will make the child interesting. Also having a 'half-breed' child would not make me a proud parent but raising them to be a happy, well adjusted, polite and curious to learn child would make me a happy parent. As long as you love your child, support them and raise them well, it doesn't matter what race the child is.

      Don't disagree with you there as I see a lot of Chinese girls with geeky white guys, but probably geeky white guys that can charm the girl.
      Maybe you should start a Charm school for Chinese guys in the UK.

    10. Peter, you are right, there are BBCs with geeky types and they are white. My comments were not an excuse, they were an honest observation. Happybritishchinese touched on the cosseted upbringing even on this discussion. I find that in boys, it tends to churn out mummy's boy types, where although in men's bodies, the men can display all the signs of being immature and unaware of their surroundings. In girls, you tend to get spoilt princesses that look to more shallow things in life as a measure of success.

      I have said it before, because of the over-protective nature of Chinese parenting, many BBC girls grow up very accepting of their surroundings, this often means failure to pick up subtle racism, being fed a diet of western-centric media where a huge portion of so-called 'desirable' men are white. When you look at the world's heart-throbs, they are all white. Women a little more open. A Miss World from India, and a more bigger palette of females from around the world. BBC women will not notice this because they've been brought up to be accepting, therefore there is never a question mark about things happening around us. One look at Hong Kong culture, it's to some extent the same. No one will admit they worship white people or their culture there, but the actions normally speaks louder. SF.

    11. Happybritishchinese, I can't speak for other BBCs, but in my book it's someone who is aware of their surroundings and gracious when they are wrong or proven wrong. Open to different views and willing to listen even at difficult times. Know that the world doesn't always revolve around them and their neat little clique. Someone who should not believe that excessive grooming will be the answer to all their insecurities.

      I have seen some BBC women almost walking head held and clearly proud of their mixed race child. It is only wrong if they are totally aware of why they are behaving that way in the first place. Very often, they have been sucked into the age old culture even within the FOBs that white is right. White means a higher status. I say, don't just blame the BBCs, blame their parents too. The worshipping had a head-start thanks to her parent's inability to instill self-pride. SF.

    12. @Anonymous15 November 2012 15:31I

      Do you think the ethnic Chinese female fell for a white geeky male because he was white or because he was charming? Does this this same principle of charm apply to a Chinese geek or do they not have charm because they are Chinese?

      If a child is half white or Chinese, which side do you think he will relate to more, white or Chinese?


      Do BBC females practice graciousness or is that subtext for wanting a docile yesman? Again are non-Chinese males more masculine when they are 'aggressive' and yet Chinese males 'possessive' when they do the same?

      And do you think the Chinese female parent of a mixed race child can have more confidence if the child is say blasian rather than eurasian?

    13. oh don't fall for that one;
      "Chinese female fall for a white geeky male because he was white or because he was charming" neither its the money, if you are the MD of facebook or Foxnews, yeah right it looks and charm.
      And don't forget the 50% divorce payout if the marriage fails, gold diggers.

    14. @happybritishchinese

      Oh believe me, some Chinese guys have a lot of charm. They might not be the most good looking or tall but they have something to talk about and can connect with the female. They are the ones that don't have a problem with the girls. So maybe that's how the white guys are able to get the girls.

      The other reason might be that the Chinese girls are over a certain age... and their parents would have told them that no Chinese guys want a Sheng Nui... so what choice do they have but to find a white guy. Have you ever considered that? I know a lot of Chinese females that are over 30 that are still single. I also know of Chinese guys that are over 30 that are still single. But who would want to get together with someone they find boring? I'd rather be single for the rest of my life than settle with someone that I cannot hold a conversation with, that I cannot relax with and that I'm not attracted to.

      If a child is mixed, it would depend on where they were raised, how much they are influenced by each parent as well as how much of their own culture the parent brings into the child's life. I believe how a child feels is quite dependent on how they are raised.

      @ Anonymous16 November 2012 07:19

      Cynical much? Not all Chinese females go for the money. You just haven't meet any nice ones which is sad for you.

    15. "Do BBC females practice graciousness or is that subtext for wanting a docile yesman? Again are non-Chinese males more masculine when they are 'aggressive' and yet Chinese males 'possessive' when they do the same?

      "And do you think the Chinese female parent of a mixed race child can have more confidence if the child is say blasian rather than eurasian?"

      Happybritishchinese, When you say do female BBCs practice graciousness, I wouldn't know, I'm merely discussing what I think are good points for me. No subjext for Mr Docile either. Just someone able to admit it to themselves they are wrong when proven wrong.

      As for your next paragraph, it's clear you are making a point of moving the goal post for each group. You can be rest assured I can see through all that.

      With the mixed race children opinion. It all depends on what the BBC upbring. If you have BBCs growing up in London inner cities, then the "ghetto-fabulous" aspiration comes into play. If you have home counties, then the paler the better.

      On the whole, most BBCs tend to aspire to the white high society because their parents' views. If you mix the rutheless nature of FOBs' social climbing tendencies along with former colonial adulation for their former masters, it will be ballet lessons followed by piano lessons.

      Sor Sor day, why did you put "tut tut" after Simon Yam? Is there something I don't know? Isn't he a good example of what I was trying to discuss about Chinese men? Unfortunately, I don't follow many films. The last time I recall seeing Simon Yam, he was chewing into a whole roasted duck in Ipman two. SF.

    16. @Anonymous16 November 2012 09:06

      Before you asked on the speed-dating article about single Chinese males -did you check out the british chinese online forum?

      @SF 'moving goal posts' what are you referring to exactly?

      Also, on topic, does anyone here think females have less urge than males to relocate to Far East because of better 'social acceptance' by British society?

    17. Also if anyone would like to do film reviews, or anything do do with HK/Chinese pop culture from a BBC POV just send me an email, blog needs contributors...

    18. @happybritishchinese

      Before you asked on the speed-dating article about single Chinese males -did you check out the british chinese online forum?

      Yes I saw that article. I can't seem to find it anymore to refresh my memory. What about it?

    19. @Anonymous17 November 2012 21:18

      Here's the link if you wanted to meet more BBCs face to face

    20. HappyBritishChinese, when I mention moving the goal post, it was my version of your description of Chinese women 'accomodating' white men. The 'moving of goal post' was what you were trying to imply with BBC women. That's why I said you can be assured I see past all that. I don't judge men based on the amount of melanine in their skins.

      I would like to move to China/Hong Kong one day. It could be three to four years' time. I'm already disillusioned with the mainstream society in this country. But I'm not naive with the reality that the same culture will infect the rest of China soon.

      I've been warned that my Chinese is simply not good enough for any kind of job, so for the time being, it's a lot of thinking time. Racism has not hit me hard. That does not mean I can't feel for others and what I see in the media.

      I wish to see that one day, Chinese people will wake up and realise, they'll never be put on the same level as white people because they are not white, simple as that, and they should quit being like white people and start being who they really are. Proud yellow people who can take the culture already handed down and pass it on to the next generation with pride. SF.

    21. @SF

      I'm sorry to report that it has already infected HK and I think you'll probably find it starting in China.

      Apparently there was a poster with a speed dating event in HK for Chinese ladies trying to find white men and the men go free...

      The last time I went to Guangzhou, I saw a lot more girls with heels and short shorts/skirts. Also a lot more advertisement on skin whitening products and talk of diets. It's quite disheartening for me as I see these girls that aren't even FAT by any western world standards and they still want to diet. I see and hear that from my cousins as well...

    22. @SF You have never experienced racism? A 'proud yellow person'- is that what you call yourself?

    23. Happybritishchinese, if I call white people white, black people black, then I don't think yellow should be seen as negative. It's only negative if we allow it to be. It's a colour, unless you assume yellow to be somehow negative. And if that is so, even more a reason to claim this 'colour' back to be simply normal rather than horrible.

      Anonymous 19:11:12:09.22, I can imagine. This is part of a wider problem. You feel China has to go through this transition. And for me, it's quite hard to accept sometimes. The people who are sucked into it have not been exposed to the whole picture yet. SF.

      I have experienced racism, but I realise, compared to some of the comments BBC men have been making, it is different for women. It's more indirect racism, and noticing injustice in the way we are treated compared with other ethnic minorities.

    24. I'd say that racism is worse for Chinese women. I'd hate to have me love you long time, sucky fucky etc hurled at me like it has been to my female Chinese friends and even my mum. Racist sexual violence is not something I will ever experience as a man. Did you know that female Korean adoptees in Sweden are five times more likely to commit suicide than their white counterparts? Part of the reason for this is because of sexual abuse/discrimination from people close to them. Unfortunately some East Asian encourage white men to objectify them with the result that sexual violence towards East Asian women is abnormally high in many Western countries.

    25. @SF So maybe the blog should renamed British Born Proud Yellow people, what do you think?

      Re: westernisation, I have confidence that Chinese in China are smart enough to adapt and adopt without becoming totally consumed by the act of assimilation. As you say its a process they have to go through and like HK take whats useful for them and leave whats useless. given the second chance,with HK being the first chance, I believe China will learn from past mistakes.

      Maybe we overreact - as the most 'developed' of Chinese with the most choice, BBCs we are probably also trained to be the most selfish of all so yakking about westernisation is at times a false way of relieving the guilt of enjoying a western lifestyle.

      The worst issue that face as western born Chinese is our confidence in ourselves and to genuinely believe in each other. If we had that, westernisation wouldnt be a problem, the real issues is in ourselves. In a Chinese society people are forced to and societies based on families form,in the west, we have too much freedom for racial cowardice to develop. Thats why its important for us as individuals to be more accountable.

      @Pete, what many East Asian women dont realise is that without the vagina, they are just as objectivised as males. Hypersexualisation and desexualisation being two sides of the same coin.

      Self discipline in these matters unless enforced by the individual just makes it worse for the community as a whole. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

    26. Happybritishchinese, I agree with the over-reacting. I sometimes cringe at myself for shooting Hong Kong people for being so self-important with their borrowed previledges.

      I guess we are somehow using westernisation to suit us when we think it's right. In the end, it must be highly irritating for mainlanders hearing us whine like spoilt children after we've tasted it and now fancy a bit of rawness. After all, what do we 'really' know about living in China longterm. Others might say, in order to flee and face real-life racism and make it better for the next generation, we are simply running to our own hoping it won't touch us anymore. But in reality, it's still there on a grander scale.

      Using yellow to describe my colouring is not offensive to me. It is if we shy away from using such word. After time, it will start to appear like a backward word. I think why not. Use that colour. Use that word. SF.

    27. Yellow, Wong sick, no no no, I can't believe your ignorance and insensitivity of all places here a BBC blog. You must of been listening to Born in the USA lyrics too much. I think you re the one that is adopting the the west is best attitude, without realising it, and dissing others.

    28. haha - your right though, 'yellow' was introduced with the Age Of Colonialism,

      but also according to Chinese FOB history:

      'ancient Chinese Five Phases theory. The Yellow Emperor is associated with the Phase Earth, which corresponds to the colour Yellow.'

      If the new age belongs to China could have positive connoitations but then we arent ruled by China and not speaking Chinese.

      Prefer 'golden' myself. Golden, innit?

      BTW Born In the Usa? ...was thinking more coldplays song about jaundice.. we were all 'yellow' ...bleurgh

    29. No more casinos and Happybritishchinese, you can call it ignorance because the description came about during colonial times, but sometimes, words can change meaning over time. Just because of a word's origins, it doesn't mean I adopt west is best attitude.

      If that were the case, I should stop wearing jeans and t-Shirts. The fact is, western culture is central around the world. When I say west is best, I'm notmally talking about ideals, political systems, and our lack of racial pride.

      I remember growing up knowing 'coloured' was acceptable and'black' quite offensive. Now, it's the other way round.

      I always find it odd how British Born Chinese came about. It's like a marked distinction of 'British' ahead of Chinese. Why can't we be Chinese. I know of second generation Nigerians, and they're not labelled British-born Nigerians.

      Personally, I think Chinese is the better description than adding British Born. That allows us to simplify things rather than saying things like Maintlanders. SF.

    30. @SF I disagree, categorising us as yellow along with blacks browns whites for me means accepting colonisation.

      'British Born Chinese blog' = 'British Born Proud Yellow Person' doesnt quite sound the same either does it?

      Also calling us Yellow is categorising us along with Koreans Japanese etc.

      In an age where China is no 1., Japan Korea etc means sweet FA. And for those Hong Kong history -sensitive BBCs, by calling them yellow, you are also labelling them Japanese.

      Im Chinese, I dont give a fuck about colonialist categorisation or subverting them.

      Social identity however,is a different matter, because to just call us Chinese, just gives future gens, the same excuse not to create a unique BBC culture, which is what this blog is advocating.

      A FOB will still distinguish against a BBC, no matter which way you want to look at it, because of language or dialect differences,unless your language is spot on/matches, but unless BBCs master the language of their immediate heritage then go to live there,ie become a FOB, that wont change. And even with BBCs who relocate, as Ive been told by others, which I believe, they will never truly become a FOB.

      FOBS distinguishing us then gives us a right to distinguish back, call them FOBS and have our own niche. Hence BBC.

      As the result of FOB parents 'Chinese dream' being born and educated in an imperialist country, BBCS are the Chinese most knowledgable to speak out against sinophobic imperialism.Indiscriminate FOBS would never do this nor have the intelligence to because theyre too busy getting whitewashed.

      Under that context, reframing our social identity classification, makes me, a proud British Born Chinese.

      Like the Hong Kong Chinese label - one country two systems. Only difference being we were never 'accepted' by the brits, our heritage is not white English, its Chinese.

    31. Happybritishchinese, fair enough, we might differ on this. To me, within our circle it might be important for that distinction, but on a wider scale, I think what you are hoping will never happen. We are too small compared to the new-wave younger FOBs entering here and in America.

      I can see how the yellow label with annoy Chinese people being lumped with Japanese etc. SHowever, I still don't believe that not being offended by such a word makes me taking acceptance of colonial times. I might be thick skin about this, but isn't the term banana used quite freely by Chinese people? SF.

    32. @SF Banana is used by HK FOBS, yes so what of it? Just because some HK'ers call you that doesnt mean a BBC has to accept it.

      And BBCs are being dwarfed by new wave younger FOBS, so what? Does that justify your 'yellow' categorisation?

      On a wider scale we are Chinese yes, but just because we are a small group, doesnt mean we have to give up the idea of social distinction as well. Course If BBC women werent so pathetic and self hating maybe BBC social identity would be a lot more definitive than it is now.

    33. Happybritishchinese, in particular your last comment, I think it's all too easy to just blame BBC women for being self-hating. It's as if all BBC men unite as the same. Can that accurate? Are all BBC men the same? I don't think so, which makes me reject the view that because of the situation we are in, blame it on the women seems too simplistic.

      You might be few and far between, but I've seen more BBC men interested in latest gadgets than interested in politics.

      I think it's a combination of our upbringing and the culture looking after our immediate family. There tends to be this "look the other way" when other BBCs or FOBs are in need of help or advice.

      You might be different to that, but the many BBCs and FOBs I encounter prefer to keep their heads down and bask in their own little circles of success. Is that insular? Or are more of us more shallow than we like tp think. We care more about our labels than the bigger and wider picture of what it means to be a minority in a white country.

      Maybe, one day I will get to understand your need to carve out a big distinction between BBC and FOB/mainland, but for now, I think Chinese people around the world need to unite first and foremost to build a strong voice that rejects the western media's style of bullying reporting.

      Finally going back to the usage of yellow. Out of interest, anyone here know the origins of how China town came to be called "wong sing."? I'm genuinely interested. SF.

    34. SF

      The MAJOR issue of our community, and any western East asian community for that matter, is historically, apart from the whitewashing IS the IR issue going on that BBC/FOB women are largely responsible for.

      Look at the comments on this page. Read the ones from the BBC males that berate the Chinese women IR, then read the ones that ask 'Are all of you single? You must, otherwise why are you dissing the Chinese/oriental females so much.', then read the BBC male responses - 'No my girlfriends a BBC but I can sympathise with my peers'.

      Then you preaching we need Chinese people around the world to unite, What the fuck are you smoking? This is a BBC blog. Great if Professor Kong Qingdong having managed to read this blog from beyond the great China firewall is actually having some sympathy for us, but BBCs need to report our own issues first.

      Even though we are divided geographically etc etc Its important that we can show unity in our ideals, separate from other Chinese because THAT is what will get us, as a sub-ethnic minority, the respect we deserve, both from FOBS ( who from overseas many of whom dont even know we exist) and from the mainstream and of course the other British Chinese FOBS based on Chinese pride and personal idealistic accountability. No ifs no buts, easier for some more than others, but its the only reason Im still here.

      And that same accountability will benefit the Chinese race in the end, anyway, but for some reason you still cant see that.

      Youre head is a bubble of delusion that needs a good pop. And im sorry to say this, but Im willing to give it a go.

      Re :wong sing, no idea, let someone else answer that.

  5. guys, I can empathise with the general problem. Yes, true the Chinese woman has a lot to answer for but but I am not sure it is as bad you all say.

    1. The reason why there is a "general problem" in the first place is because, on the individual level, it is as bad as I say. There is a huge element of whitewashing going on and East asians - men included - are taken in by that. Which is a good reason why - when they see such occurences - they don't do the natural "man" thing and become possessive and territorial. Because they genuinely believe that white is right. You see in in East Asia (and definitely from BBCs) - by simply buying into adopting white culture - as a non white - then naturally you will see it as "the best".

      For that reason there are simply not enough men and women doing what all races around the world and normally marrying with someone of similar backgrounds.... because they honestly believe they are not worthy and thus "go white".

    2. I dunno, maybe. I don't feel that way personally.

    3. Well precisely, that is the problem. Most Chinese can see the disparity and how it has the potential for major social problems in the future... but don't want to face the cold truth, that they themselves are being whitewashed to the extent that they have inherent bias towards whites and opposed to their own race - it is subtle, no doubt - and any mention of this is promptly disregarded as racism or paranoia. Yet in their heads, they realise they are become whitewashed - and want to - thus doing nothing about it

      All very well if it's just a few people (like the "weeaboo" white girls), but when you see more oriental women with white men than with oriental men... you know something is badly wrong.

  6. So can we answer the question - if British Chinese are unlikely to get a recognized social identity in British society, have any of you ever considered relocation for a maybe happier life in the far east? And if any of you were to raise your future families there, i.e: to develop their Chinese language speaking skills, how would you do it?

    1. Improve one's own Chinese language speaking skills for the first thing, even if it is dialect it will still help in the long run especially with the kids as they will understand the nuances of the language.

      Integrate oneself into the Chinese community and getting oneself involved so then one's kids will be assimilated into ones culture.

      Visit the Far East as often as one can during the festival periods so the kids will know what it is like.

    2. I know many BBCs that have/are relocating back to Hong Kong. I lived in Beijing for two years and I'll be back there in a year's time. The BBCs that went back range from complete bananas to fluent-Cantonese speakers. I don't really know how they're doing in HK but there are plenty of predominantly English-speaking young people in HK for them to make friends with.

      But personally I have no connections to HK as my parents are from Mainland China. I have few relatives anywhere and none in Beijing. Having said that, I still enjoyed my two years there immensely and look forward to going back. Employment opportunites are pretty good for us and our English skills give us a decisive edge over the locals. I've also made it a bit of a personal mission to educate Chinese on how Westerners perceive China, racism and international politics etc. You won't believe how generally pro-Western (and at the same time anti-Japanese/Korean) Mainland China is.

    3. The reaction I get from PRC Chinese is wide and varied, some are whitewashed, some are very pro China, others couldn't care less about these things.

      I feel OK in the UK for now, despite what the antics of te BBC woman, but who knows things may change in future.

    4. some comments
      interesting story pete, I know a few BBcs who have worked in HK, had their work "experience" and some returning are back to the UK, it s more difficult now to walk in a HK graduate job because everyone has a good degree, including the local hk grads, which on paper are of the same level of english competence as BBCs.

      Also because china is an expanding economy as we all know, there are also newly created graduate jobs/schemes that have overseas placements and global operations, HSBC, Tescos China, just to name a few take yearly applicants, I use to see china students filling the forms as if this the job promiseland, if you speak the lingo you have an edge, but different roles have different skillsets, pay and career development, white grads also apply and have been accepted.
      As to learning the chinese language, once the kids get to school mixing with other chinese kids, it sort of takes care of itself, how do you think BBCs learnt their english.

      at a deeper level, the scource of the problem goes wayback to BBCs parents who come to UK without speaking english and not learning the english language that would assist in being better adjusted and responsible parents. I always find BBCS parents' disconnect of their homeland very weird and a bold undertaking to leave the soul of their roots, and make an unusual life choice to live as alien outsiders and expose their poor kids to racism, as if there is nothing wrong.
      If you read the solutions sought by the next generation sucn as the "turtle" mothers you can see the f***ed up mess some BBCs are in. The kids will suffer and repeat the cycle again. Larkin was right.


  7. @Pete what efforts are you doing to educate in your personal mission? Sounds interesting. Drop me an email if you have any concrete plans to share ( on my profile). That's also to anyone else who has realistic ideas to educating and sharing beyond this blog. Nice to know someone's taking time out to do such stuff.

    1. Mainly my girlfriend and her family lol. To be honest most of my friends there were oversease Chinese from Canada, USA etc. I worked as a translator for a Chinese online games company but I mainly interacted with expat colleagues. The local employees were treated somewhat poorly compared to us and we didn't socialize with them a lot. Beijing is horribly polluted and overcrowded but I still like a lot more than the southern cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen. It's white-washed to some extent as can be expected (the whole Chaoyang CBD area basically caters to Westerners and rich locals) but the men here have more backbone than in many other parts of China and take less shit from foreigners.

    2. Take less crap from foreigners like this Brit who got taught a good lesson

      Okay so your educating close family and gf, good place to start.Yeah I agree Beijing is nice, I know it gets dusty not sure how the pollution compares to say HK? Maybe HK is a bit less? Shanghai I heard is too damp. Also not sure Id handle the amount of white-worshipping there for too long , theyve got it down to an art form. Although Ive been told the downtown areas where locals live its less 'touristy'

      In fact is there anywhere in China where is 'untouched'? Maybe the countryside where theres no running water and all the women have abandoned the men for foreigners? Haha

    3. The pollution is way waaaaayyyyyy worse than Hong Kong! It reminds of London's smog during the 1950s but it's getting worse not better. The countryside is not a good place to be in China - rampant underdevelopment and poverty. Even the slightly more remote urban districts in Beijing like Changping are often complete dumps and very uncultured by our standards. But it is what it is and unlike Hong Kong, there are wild hinterlands all around Beijing where few people live with beautiful mountains and winding roads. I used to ride my motorcycle around there on the weekend. Man, I miss the place.

    4. Do you think it's a good idea to alert the world as to where the untouched areas are ? You know what they are like - their life's mission is to white wash the whole of China, So beware what you discuss in public.

  8. If there's a god, is it fair to say he/she's white and racist?

  9. Us BBCs are fighting a losing battle here! So lets all move back to China where we're probably more welcomed there and get far less racism! I definitely don't want my kids to experience nasty racism, feeling like the odd one out, sticking out like a sore thumb, and being humiliatingly used as entertainment for racists at the expense of my kids's happiness! Furthermore, do u want to spend so much money,time and effort in raising your daughter here then she just ends up willingly being a white man's sex slave/toy and for white men to make fun/look down on Chinese women which is indirectly mocking/laughing at Chinese men too!?

    1. Spot on. Send em to Oxford/Cambridge and or state school and they'll still end up with a non-Chinese.

      Sat at a London restaurant, sharing a table with a mainland FOB dad and his two well educated teenage BBC daughters, and already they were already giving him grief and I thought to myself, poor bastard. These daddy's little girls gonna end up on the end /impregnated by some non-Chinese dick in a few years.

      This is the MAJOR problem of FOBS who spoil their kids without educating them on Chinese pride. Basically FOB spoiling + British multiculturalism = death of BBCs

      Will BBC parents make that same mistakes? Maybe deserves another article if it doesnt get answered here first.

      Another reason to move to HK /China. Early years grounding in Chinese language, later years, education in UK then send them packing to HK/China to live out of harms way. Return once they have a FOB boyfriend/proven they arent prone to falling for the false colonial privilege mentality .

      Will we ever see a 2nd generation of BBCs or are we doomed to dissolve? May as well reschedule the same articles on here then for the next 100 years haha

    2. It is crucial that 1st generation Chinese here and their children learn from our mistakes. The Chinese community also needs to learn from other minorities regarding commnuity cohesiveness (not living the other side of the country from other BBCs, and even then not conversing or socialising with them), and look out for each other - literally. It is this disjointedness that has led to our community not really being a community at all - and of course from then on, all bets are off. Your kids could end up with anyone, they would feel more at home with them than your own people.

    3. I agree with that, I think those sentiments will be repeated again and again in different guises.

    4. @Anonymous17 November 2012 23:39

      BBC's need to start looking to ourselves first, not to blacks, whites, asians or even FOBS because our culture is different and largely online

      Starting by signing in with identities, contributing articles to this blog, develop a sense of accountability to each other. If we cant even do that online, I cant imagine offline it will be any better.

  10. The chinese girls who date the nerdy white guys are mainly from the People's republic. Most of them are ugly. That's my observation.

    1. Maybe it's because they want permanent residence and dating/marrying a white guy is a sure way of doing it as you can't guarantee that all Chinese guys have citizenship.

    2. What I would really like day, visit Facebook and in one complete session (about half an hour) not come across a Chinese/oriental girl that has a photo of her and her oh so wonderful white guy in the pic.

      Seriously - it hasn't happened once yet. I am in uni so obviously come across new people all the time... and pretty much everyone I have come across is in someway linked to such a girl with white guy.

      By contrast I have come across ONE black guy and white girl, ONE black girl with white guy, ONE white guy with an asian girl and THREE asian guys with white girls (and obv. no oriental guys with white girls).

    3. The PRC really need to screen this. You'd think - facing a population crisis with a huge gender imbalance, they would as a country keep more women in the country, not happily export them (and thus their intelligence) to be white men's fuck toys.

    4. @Anonymous17 November 2012 23:40

      You are very funny. As if PRC has anything to do with exporting the girls out of the country. It is the parents of the girls that export them out of the country and it's because they have the money to spend.

  11. To locals in HK and China, we are Bananas. Simple minded because we're too 'westernised'. Why do you think we'll be better off there? Because we look the same? I speak fluent Cantonese, I can read simple instructions in Chinese but doesn't mean I want to move there. You think they don't talk about us like the racists do? People are people, you're going to get discrimination every where you go. The only good thing about being in HK is that initially, we blend in..

    You're always on about BBC women going for whites but with the 'are BBCs ugly' article, we ate all the pies and FOBS are better looking blah blah.. who's it written by? That's right, BBC men. How can you compare such a small amount of women to a WHOLE country full? Having said this, I have noticed that a lot of the good looking and successful BBC men choose White women.

    1. Noone said it would be perfect moving abroad, but whose to say it wont work out? You obviously havent read the whole page of comments or examples of BBC who have successfully relocated and are happier overseas, predominantly male, yes. But then maybe majority of the BBC women feel more 'accepted' by the British multicultural mainstream than overseas, hence no need to relocate.

      The ugly BBC females article was comparing FOBS to BBCs. Can either mean FOBS females in the UK compared to BBC females in the UK, and is comparing the nature of the two ie westernised or authentic, regardless of numbers, in the same way that one hot FOB girl will still be more attractive than a 1000 ugly bbc women.

      If what you have noticed is that the good looking BBC males choose white women, why not send an article in? My email's on profile.

    2. @happybritishchinese22 November 2012 03:31

      I know a few BBCs who have relocated to HK and are happy and a few who moved elsewhere because they weren't. I was simply giving my opinion that you're going to get discriminted against everywhere you go. As a BBC female I don't feel any more accepted by the 'British multicultural mainstream than overseas' compared to a BBC man. I've had my fair share of racism from White/Black/Pakistani men and women. I've also heard Hong Kongers calling me a Banana and that I don't understand the Chinese ways, even though I speak fluent Cantonese, and can be more traditional than some Hong Kongers and mainlanders. Isn't that why this blog is around? We as BBCs are not going to be fully 'accepted' anywhere.

      I like being a BBC, I can pick and choose from both cultures. I listen to my parents but can disagree strongly if I feel they're wrong. They came here to give themselves and to give us a better life. Why would I repay them by saying 'you're wrong coming here, my life's shit cos I get called Chinky, so I'm going back to where you came from'. I want to stay here because my family and friends are here.

      I'm confused about what you're trying to say about the ugly BBC females article. The article wasn't comparing anything other than looks between FOBS and BBCs. Very superficial. With the comment 'one hot FOB girl will still be more attractive than a 1000 ugly bbc women.' It works the other way 'one hot BBC girl will still be more attractive than a 1000 ugly FOB women.' It's common sense.

      I don't know if enough about good looking BBC men choosing white women to write a whole article. It was something I've noticed recently and the white girls they choose aren't even that pretty.

    3. Majority of BBCs too lazy to create a unique sense of social value settle for dross and choose not to take interest in each others lives or even glamourise ourselves - two things that could easily unite us as individuals, but no, bar a minority we still we choose patheticness

      Again if you take the time to study the whole comments on this page properly, not just skimp through it just to say your self-interested bit, you'll notice i said its an ALTERNATIVE,for us, not the be-all end all.

      If repaying your parents by staying here is all you feel your BBC existance is about, then thats your choice. As you say, we are different.

      And if you are going to interprete this article as 'go back to where you came from' says to me you have a degree of self-hatred in yourself that maybe you ought to fix, because you are only reading into this article what you want to see.

      Personally I dont give a flying fuck about what people think, what my parents think and what some gweilo hakkgwei achar or zionist jew-troll is going to think about me going back to where i came from. If BBCs live a self interested life, its also up to ME to live mine, and if that means going abroad, so be it. Reality will let it self be known regardless, may as well just live it.

      As for the BBC article, FOBS or BBCS whose sexier whose better yes it works both ways, read into it any way you want. I didnt write it, BBCzeitgeist did. Got an issue, email him, Im just managing the blog.

      Re: Handsome BBC men,dating not so pretty white girls thats a new phenomena to me, I havent seen it. Where in the UK have you seen this? Which areas, be specific.

      By the way, are you dating an ethnic Chinese male? And dont recall you on this blog before, are you new here?

      Be warned: if i sniff anything about you to be a troll, especially the same one I think you are, youre getting deleted. Instantly.

    4. It's fine if a BBC decides to stay in the UK or even to move to another Western country. If we are to grow in numbers then that needs to happen and more importantly we need to marry with other BBCs to increase our numbers. The most racist places in a Western country are almost always ones that have the highest concentration of whites compared to non-whites.

      But we don't owe it to our fobby parents to stay in the UK and not move back to our countries of origin. The HK and Mainland China of today are massively different from the countries that our parents left.

      One more reason why BBCs should explore HK and China more is that we would do well to create an awareness of "the West" amongst the locals that is independent of white people. The idea of white is right has really taken off in China but we have the knowledge and experience to challenge that. Hell, there are more British Chinese people than all whites combined in China.

    5. @annoymous22 November 2012 02:28
      To locals in HK and China, we re Bananas. Simple minded because we're too 'westernised'

      I think that probably just reflects how YOU come across, which is as you said simple minded, and you supposedly speak canto as well.
      Try wearing some nice clothes or change your mannerisms that reflect sharpness etc.
      Smarter BBcs are more cluded up and come across as intellegent and refined.
      Or is it just that some white washed chinese women are just simply shallow, as the chinese saying goes "there is no medicine for stupidity".

  12. I don't fully buy it when Anonymous22 November 2012 02:28 says BBCs are just bananas and not accepted anywhere,
    1.BBCs accept other BBCs generally, they instantly understand each other because of the difficult shared cultural experience we have, however that doesn't mean they always make good friends or have similar personalities, I can't stand some BBCs as well as having some of them as my closest friends.
    2.Usually parents of BBCs accept BBCs as their "son" or"daugther" despite their shallow materialistic values, they "love" them in their own selfish limited emotional and non-expressive range etc. They usually f...ed up and alienated themselves, which is why they have children in the first place, for many selfish reasons. As stated the cycle continues.
    3. Overseas relatives of BBCs don't necessarily snub BBCs, we share the genetic material, facially and physically alike, my overseas relative refuse to see other than chinese, they see it as your blood line. (but you need to travel and learn to be aware of this)
    Its also an indication of the amount of closeness your extended family warmth is, whether you have been excluded from these "natural" bonds.
    For me, if there is one regret of living in the UK and raising children in the future in UK, it will be this one, because of the "love" they would of had.

    anyway that my nugget of wisdom for today and so to the casino.

    1. I dont either, and as we can see below 'it' is a troll. Re your 3 points.

      Re:1 Agreed most of us regulars online here, may well share similar personalities and at least consider each others opinions even if we dont always agree.

      r2 The selfish thing is right in my viewpoint as you say make up for what went wrong. But thats all they know because Chinese survivalism comes first and foremost.

      r3 My overseas rels see me as blood, but the jooksing insults I got were from non-family FOBS strangers, if thats what youre referring to by 'snubbing', I still get it from my FOB mainlander friends, but not as direct as some cantonese FOBS can be. Again if my lingo isnt as great as it could be, you cant blame them, and can only try and make up for it my own good time.

      Good luck with big C. Dont quit for long do you haha

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. And that, is what happens to zionist-jew trolls who think they can spam irrelevant chinasmack links on here.

    2. It wasn't a troll but I'm amazed how small minded you are that you cannot see and accept people for who they are.

    3. And Im amazed that you are stupid enough see peoples answers to your previous comments above and yet in ignorance choose to ignore them. Until proven otherwise, we'll accept IT'S a troll.

  14. @happybritishchinese, please sound less racist in some of your articles/posts because it makes us look bad; apart from that, you have mostly good comments.

    1. Bro,If youre talking about the zionist/jew comment, this is an American Jew that has spams this blog, and other Asian-political blogs, since the beginning of time. You can email BBCz and ask him yourself,if you think I use these insults without purpose or to 'impress' people.

      You can also ask SF about when I accused her of being that same person, she took insult when I explained to her I mistook her for the same troll that comes on here.

      Finally, read this

      If people think they can be racist/pisstake us Chinese, as far as Im concerned, theyre open game to me, as well.

      That includes the sinophobic british media which is run by these same fake-hebrew diaspora, ( note I said FAKE)

      Like it or not, this blog is for ethnic British Chinese. Any non-Chinese is a guest that needs discriminating as far as Im concerned.

  15. This is obviously one big Troll blog from one "Zhanglan", formerly blogging regularly on the Daily and Sunday Telegraph (although he still does under various pseudonyms), and now lives in Hong Kong. That bored and unemployed man likes to sit behind his computer at his family's grotty "Ting Uk" (Ding Uk) and pretend that he were different persons all at the same time. Psychosis and schizophrenia writ large. Like the Chinese-Indonesians that returned to China during the 1950s and the 1960s, he ("BBC Zeitgeist", "Happy British Chinese", &c., &c., &c.) is an "usual idiot" for the Chinese Communist Party, although of course they would never accept a person who neither speaks Cantonese nor Mandarin as a full Chinese, never mind a patriot.

    1. This is obviously one big Troll blog from one "Zhanglan", formerly blogging regularly on the Daily and Sunday Telegraph (although he still does under various pseudonyms), and now lives in Hong Kong. That bored and unemployed man likes to sit behind his computer at his family's grotty "Ting Uk" (Ding Uk) and pretend that he were different persons all at the same time. Psychosis and schizophrenia writ large. Like the Chinese-Indonesians that returned to China during the 1950s and the 1960s, he ("BBC Zeitgeist", "Happy British Chinese", &c., &c., &c.) is an "[useful] idiot" for the Chinese Communist Party, although of course they would never accept a person who neither speaks Cantonese nor Mandarin as a full Chinese, never mind a patriot.


  16. "BBC Zeitgeist" ... you only have to read the word "zeitgeist" to realise that whoever was behind this Blog was some 20-something young runt who used to read the Guardian or the Economist or both a lot! Only some twat from Oxford or Cambridge would actually speak like that! Not even Gok Wan would use such a word!

    Did whoever who originally started the Blog go back to Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore after trolling his way for 3 years in some Uni in London?! I though so! "British", my arse! Had been to some "international schools" out in Hong Kong, obviously!

    How is the Far East working out at the moment, my arse!