Thursday, 13 September 2012

Racist Attack On Chinese Man In Northern Ireland

 Chinese man hospitalised following a brutal gang attack.

John Wu, a 44-year-old Chinese man was punched and kicked by a gang of four men and a woman in the Long Commons area of the Co Londonderry town on Tuesday 11th September at around 9pm.

He was in his kitchen with his wife and three-year-old daughter when they heard a commotion and the sound of breaking glass at the front of the property. He went to investigate and upon confronting the gang, he was attacked.

Ruoyin Luo told UTV she found her husband John "holding his head and eyes and blood was running down everywhere...I kept screaming and screaming and tried to call the ambulance and police."

A neighbour, who came to the victim's aid with a wet towel, said he was "very shocked" that someone could be beaten "so viciously."

Dr Wu, a doctor at a Chinese medical clinic at the Diamond shopping centre in the Co Derry town, remained in the Causeway Hospital last night being treated for facial injuries and concussion.

Ruoyin Luo said she may leave the area.  "Probably we will find a new house - that is the first step. Then we will see whether or not [we will] leave."

David McClarty, Independent Unionist MLA for East Londonderry, said news of the attack left him feeling appalled. "Chinese people are extremely well regarded in Coleraine - they're hard workers and they contribute so much to community life in Coleraine," he added.

Police would like anyone with information to get in touch.

Full Article With Video Report - U.TV News Racist-attack-on-Chinese-man-in-Ireland


  1. I've said this before, but the white man strategy is coming along nicely i.e. they kill/attack our men (eg. above + Simon San), ridicule/denigrate our people through stereotypes/racism (e.g. X Factor) then import our women to use as 2nd/3rd wives or prostitutes

    all whilst whitewashing the ethnic Chinese populace the world over.

  2. We live amongst violent thugs. Many newly arrived FOBs tend to also be targets because they are naware of choosing cheaper priced properties to live in results in living amongst very deprived yet violent and anti-social communities. Anyone seen as outside the norm (colour and seen to be wanting to do well) are targets.

    Nowadays, you have to know your surroundings. I've noticed Chinese people tend to go for cheap rather than safe. They assume that even if you are poor, you live amongst friendly and sociable people. This is not the case.

    The deprived in this country tend to 'act out' their frustrations, whereas the middle-classes use the media and psychological approach. Sadly, I have seen a fair few at the end of the deprived end, beaten to a pulp just because they are a little more "well to do" and with yellow skin. Let's hope the police to their jobs properly. SF.

  3. I find David McClarty, MLA for East Londonderry's comments, rather bizarre. Not only does he stereotype us (most Chinese are hard workers) but also that he feels (along with one of the readers comments in that article) shock only because a hardworking Chinese has been attacked... presumably an unmployed, on benefits or disabled Chinese would be worthy of attack then?

    It is odd he focuses so much on the "how much we've contributed, and that's why he's shocked" aspect rather than "a human has just been racially attacked, I'm shocked at that - period".

    1. I also recall the incident that happened last year ? regards to the gypsies who were attacked and had to temporarily relocate to a shelter. Despite that being more organised, and the aggressors more numerous, it never got to the stage where a gypsy suffered to the extent this man did above. Why? Because they lived together.

      Say what you will about ghettos, but there is power in numbers (as the 4 men + woman vs 1 man tells), and I know for a fact this would not have occured in a black or asian street, not without retaliation.

    2. I agree with what you say, whether they are hard working or not is irrelevant, but this is usually the instinctive stupid reaction from non-Chinese British. In fact, I think something similarly stupid was said a few months ago about lee Chin in the Republic of Ireland.

    3. notice how they're all happening in ireland... Louis Walsh being racist is irish, the case of the solicitors importing Chinese prostitutes are irish, and this assault was in ireland (northern)...

  4. The real test to really find out whether safety in numbers really apply will require a breakdown of all similar attacks and their ethnicity. Then work out the averages. Then can we work out whether "hard working" Chinese people are much more likely to be attacked.

    Anonymous,you are right in pointing out the comments made. It's also irritating when they tend to add "the Chinese are" like we're identikits, the same machines cut out to work non-stop. This kind of commenting tends to happen when the community is so small, community leaders etc can lump groups in as one and the same. It's a shame because on attacks like this, it only highlights resentment, division and normalising intolerance in areas around Britain and Ireland. SF.

  5. What's ironic is that if it isn't coming from the racist whites, it'd be from other Chinese accusing Dr Wu for being "white-washed". isn't that right, BBCZeitgeist?

    1. Really? And who has accused Dr Wu of being white washed? No one.

    2. What's ironic is one such racist white coming on here trying to derail a very serious matter on a Chinese man being racially assaulted.

  6. Anyone interested in submitting a review on Justin Rowlatt China on Four Wheels bbc2?

    1. I'm watching this clip right now:

      I don't know what they're trying to do or give the impression of, that health and safety rules are lax in China? Why is this road of any importance? There are equally dangerous roads in other western countries. The Aizhai highway was built during the Second Sino-Japanese war, it's hardly something of modern significance to people in China.

    2. I've seen it, there's nothing of interest there, just two BBC presenters having a jolly on our taxpayers expense.

      What I found ironic was the woman making note of how China is so dangerous on the roads and such... and then, 5 minutes after getting her 4x4, crashes it into a railing.

    3. The thing is, interest only lies on two things, and has been the running theme for the last ten years. How to deal with Communism when it's about to be in charge of the world, and when will the fall-out happen.

      Whenever commentators from the west enter China, it's all about watching history taking place, except, the history lesson is for the west. Learning in real-time, how Europe once conquered. Now, it's China doing it, there's an uncomfortable feeling about consumption, greed and pollution.

      Instead of acknowledging progress and the 'only' model to joining the world club, it's actually left to broadcasters like the BBC to accuse China of being selfish and failing to address the wide gap between rich and poor, as if it had never once existed in Britain at any one time.

      I have seldom seen any kind of balanced documentary about China, because the agenda is always the same. The powerhouse that once produced goods for us are now soon to produce European sphistication. Yes, cars, mobiles and computers etc.

      It's only a matter of time. Therefore, all documentaries are tinge with fear and guilt about the things we consume, because in a nutshell, our governments of past and present have tied us to China and now, it's a little to late to say much.

      Instead, we're treated to shows like the one recently on BBC. The Four Wheel thing is a dig at China's once bike riding nation. The divide if not clunky but honest enough to say Brits hate to see their produce made under poor conditions. It's for this, there will be plenty of documentaries about China's working conditions and the greedy few who get to sit at the top. Isn't Britain like that? Let's just put this plain and simple. Britain has a welfare system, and China doesn't. That's all the difference. But, the charm is in keeping people in their 'time' and 'place'.

      The idealised iydillic scene is of a China pre-revolution. A time when a Feudal system was in place. yet, all cruelty then will be ommitted when commentators ramble on about the quietness, the simplicity and most of all the humbleness.

      This is the classic western viewpoint. China suddenly craving designer items and having English looking weddings seem garish and wrong.

      Why? Because, it goes back to the fear of China doing something, but doing it extra well, it sits uncomfortably for the west. So reporters beg to get into villages with their translators. Rub shoulders with farmers and workers who have a 'traditional' base. These are the images they want. Not the gleeming cars and factory managers with their positive outlook.

      In the end, the documentary is no more than a propaganda piece putting the same and tiresome question mark about China wanting to join the big boys, but should they 'really' be allowed when they are no more than the same as Bulgaria (according to the commenators). SF.

    4. I'd like to reply, If I may, to the above commentor.

      Having found my own series linked to this blog, and read the commentary directed at me, while I understand being a mere Scotsman would not grant me privilege to have my views seriously considered here,I, for one second do not believe that China is on the same level as Bulgaria.

      Botswana, maybe, but never Bulgaria. In fact if anyone has seen my complete series of documentaries,and not just skimp through for soundbites, you'll see I really do appreciate Chinese culture, and your women too.



    5. Can you do any other impersonations? Simon Schama? Ian Kershaw?

    6. @SF, those who work for the BBC come from very middle-upper class backgrounds, so I'm not really surprised, though they do they tend to look for poverty in China to report.

    7. Regarding the Bulgaria comment. Lifted from Justin Rowlatt's comments based on measuring China's living standards. Not that I care too much for the comparison. China will be measured, dissected and compared.

      BBCZeitgeist, there are two types of middle-classes. The liberal lefties and the upper-middle conservatives. I believe the documentaries made like the four wheel drive ones tend to be from the conservatives. Those that cannot bring themselves to accept change. China 'should' be about Junk boats and rickshaws.

      The liberals tend to bother themselves with the causes of Falung Gong, Tibetan independence and human rights.

      Poverty is only of interest because China is slowly being regarded as developed and the liberal belief that if someone is making things for us, they need to be working in EU type conditions.

      We all know that Mexico, India and Cambodia don't, but China has been singled out because it's a threat now. If Taiwan, Japan and China had to fight over a couple of islands over ownership, you can guess who will get the help from the international community and who wouldn't. China has been marketed as a bully. SF.

    8. Great insight once again SF. Essentially, the white world want to change the goalposts whenever a competitor is succeeding at its own term.... one good example of this is the IMF and the World bank (both American and European controlled i.e. created by whites)....they are responsible for lending/investing (or not) to countries - using the collective wealth of white nations to dole out to nonwhite nations so they can be indebted to them forever. They even did it with South Korea and Japan, during their recessions in the 90s (which is still going in Japan)... hence the reason why their governments in recent times have always caved in to tariffs and trade agreements, despite popular public disapproval (e.g. when South Korea signed a free trade deal with the US, loads of people protested because of the one sided terms, but to no avail)... of course the "cunning, devious Chinese" changed all that when the money they were lent by the IMF was then lent to western countries in debt - partially responsible for the excess western spending, expensive wars, property boom and borrowing that you have seen recently. So now that we finally have a player (China) doing it better than those who invented it (whites) - it's time to change the rules again.

      That's why China is so insistent on having a more neutral (not the US dollar) reserve currency. That's why they want more voting rights in various "world" organisations.

      Oh and Niall, why did you marry a Somali if you like our women so much? Indeed, maybe you should have stuck with your first wife and children.... you're following the exact same pattern as most whites (who can) - have children with a white woman to continue the "pure" bloodline, then break up and have children with a nonwhite (though it's usually oriental women) - taking more than your fair share, having your piece of the pie and eating it.

    9. Anonymous 17/09/12:21:42, regards to a more neutral resereve currency. Can you imagine the headlines if China has its ways? The media are already projecting scare headlines of it soon to be the Yuan. Obviously, playing the wounded victim is another trick the media try to play. Getting the reader on-side by painting the west as under the thumb of the mighty bully China. It's mind numbing seeing it drummed in day after day.

      Amongst all these headlines, in the background a defenceless Chinese family have been bullied to the point of being racially attacked, and still no national headline or outcry from Chinese leaders. SF.

  7. typical BBC racism denialist17 September 2012 at 21:57

    could happened to anyone, nothing to do with being Chinese

    1. Oh haven't seen you for a while, you only appear when theres a case of racism to deny.


    Hello BBC Zeitgeist,

    I know this particular issue does not pertain to the BRITISH BORN
    Chinese community, but it is an issue that hits home. Being that you
    get a large monthly following on your website I would like to ask that
    you post this most recent racist incident from the owner of fashion
    label Zadig&Voltaire who say "No Chinese" will be allowed in his hotel
    that is being built in France.

    The reason why we continue to see so many racist incidents day after
    day, night after night, is because we don't stand up or say anything
    about it. This needs to stop NOW.


    One suspect caught and charged with assault causing bodily harm to John Wu - white 28yr old male,under influence of alcohol.

    'The officer said that Nalty had admitted hitting Mr Wu once in the face before running away.

    Nalty confirmed that he understood the charge, but did not enter a plea. He was released on bail to appear in court on October 15.

    Two other men, aged 20 and 24, and a woman, aged 19, have been released on bail.'

  10. I've always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a racist poor YT ghetto. My dad grew up in a notorious Irish YT ghetto in Boston.

  11. as recently as last year; I'd heard Eamond Holmes 'cus down Chinese ppl. openly on SKY TV. And he is a TV anchor.

    Northern Ireland is stuck in some kind of Time Warp. I.e. 1950s and 1960s when it comes to non-White ppl.