Monday, 10 September 2012

Louis Walsh Racist To Jason Viet Tien

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has been branded a racist by a section of the Twitter community for repeatedly correcting Vietnamese contestant Jason Viet Tien mispronunciation of 'Tulisa' as 'Tulisha.' 

Jason Viet Tien, an 18-year-old student from Hanoi, Vietnam, sang a version of Whitney Houston's 'I have Nothing' in a thick Vietnamese accent, declaring his love for judge Tulisa Contostavlos despite mispronouncing her name - much to the amusement of the audience.

During the X Factor broadcast at the weekend, Jason's mispronunciation resulted in #Tulisha trending worldwide on Twitter as thousands of tweets reacted with sinophobic humour.

Not adverse to racial controversy, Louis Walsh also said of Jason Viet Tien - "You remind me of a young Bruce Lee."

Reminiscent of the 2010 series of X Factor, when Louis Walsh described young black contestant Pajie Richardson as "You’re like a little Lenny Henry,” the only link between Pajie Richardson and Lenny Henry, Jason Viet Tien and Bruce Lee - is race. As an illustration of ignorance, Bruce Lee is not Vietnamese and Jason Viet Tien is not Chinese nor does he resemble Bruce Lee. Its an analogy of casual racism and racial stereotyping of East Asians, typically - 'they all look the same,' 'Bruce Lee is the only famous (East Asian) Chinese man I've heard of.' Through its broadcast, ITV, XFactor and in particular Louis Walsh, instigated and legitimised racism against East Asians.

Jason Viet Tien is not dissimilar to William Hung, a buck tooth FOB male caricature blissfully ignorant of western social and racial environments. In an interview prior to the audition, 'White Fever' Jason Viet Tien embarrassingly describes his craving for White British girls. Jason Viet Tien is a dupe, to further the media representation of East Asian men as 'sexless' short nerds with ghastly accents, out of their depth and out of their league, with no hope of winning the affection of alpha White females in her native country except through pity and derision, their FOB delusions of self-importance are pitied as a means of creating entertainment for the audience to laugh at - they're laughing at you Jason, not with you. (BBCZeitgeist)


  1. Another embarrassing moron on our telly

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that on the rare occasion they have an oriental MAN on the show it's for comedic value. They did this on the US version too, see William Hung.

    And of course recently they allowed the hyper sexualised oriental female from Hong Kong, who declared his love for Gary Barlow, onto Britain's Got Talent.

    It's as if white media are intellectually incapable of seeing orientals as anything other than the crude stereotypes they themselves have made of us.

  3. Claire Hillier had a point though - that such racism was allowed to be air on white media TV. A black or asian equivalent would be filtered out pronto. Just another example of the discrepancy of treatment towards different races in white countries.


    1. I agree, the racism issue towards Jason Viet hasn't been picked up by the mainstream press, this article I've written is the only article you will find on the internet that reports on this incident as 'racist,' but the press did pick up on the racism back in 2010 towards the black contestant, both incidents are pretty much identical, the only difference is one is East Asian and the other is Black. Racism towards East Asians is ignored.

    2. re: the Hollister Korean launch. It actually old news, a commenter on this blog earlier from America already provided the name of the 'racist' model (name which was withheld by the press) as Vincent Sant. On his twitter, he actually issued an apology on September 4th, 6 days ago.

  4. Guys
    This guy is an embarrassment to all of us. His parents are probably communist officials who have earned a small fortune through corruption. Enough to send their dear little to the UK to make a fool out of himself. Is he any different from the chinese girls from the mainland who dye their hair and can't wait to jump into bed with the next white nerd who passes by?

  5. As Asian male representation in the US gradually gets better it goes backwards and backwards in the UK, no worse than when Asians were considered sub-humans.

    This is what the British mainstream media and society want to see - the humiliation and dehumanisation of Asian males into nothing but ruthless caricatures and stereotypes they can laugh and mock.

    Racism against South Asians and Blacks? Not okay, constant vilification, attacks and stereotypes of East Asian males? Okay! Infact we freely welcome it! Come laugh with us at how we think all Asians are the same homogenous group! Come laugh with us at how we can do nothing but make short penis jokes and demonise their ethnicity whilst FOBs still treat us us superiors! Come laugh with us at how we like to stereotype all Asian males as bucktooth, short, nerdy and emasculate!

  6. Everything about the video feels so scripted, it's painful to watch.

  7. 0:34, Jason expresses his heartfelt love for 'Tulisha'

    2.06, cringing as this fat white moose of his dreams 'Tulisa' patronisingly corrects his broken pronunciation of her name. Which obviously fails to work and induces more laughter from the dumb audience.

    No doubt the guaranteed mispronunciation of her name must've been one of the qualifications for being 'accepted' onto the show.

    Funny, he actually catches the panel off-guard when he requests them to 'stand'. When the old white guy asks him 'is it to see more of her', he replies 'no it's for when I've finished the song'.

    When Jason sings, hitting a few off-notes, white slag and chav audience expressively fail to withhold their giggles,culminating in a standing ovation of wink nudge mockery.

    And with the vote of 'yes' from all 4 judges, it's another progressive step sideways for ethnic East Asian males to be finally be 'accepted' in British media in form of this selectively chosen clueless white-worshipping FOB teenager.

  8. "Jason, it wasn't perfect, but you got this likability thing and that's why the audience went with you"

    Should be "Jason, it wasn't perfect, but we love to promote the stereotype of all Asian men as nerdy, bucktooth, short in western mainstream media, and to dehumanise Asian males to further demote them in to the bottom of the dating pool, and thats why the audience pitifully and mockingly laughs at you and you can do nothing about it but laugh like an idiot who plays right in to our agenda"

    1. Yeah pretty much. It's baffling because there are plenty of East Asian men doing their own thing in REAL LIFE that are respected, looked up to... white people can't fail to notice that, but of course that only has limited influence, to the white people who interact with such men...

      meanwhile a reject like this guy will be used to promote the image for all east asian men, because that is what white men want - thus in turn making non east asian women but also our own women to feel repulsed by us, for white media shapes the minds of us all.

  9. It's the "ahh.." Factor now. Nauseating ITV fayre. Condescending and what is so going wrong with the mainstream culture. Reality TV is a glorified version of our modern need for a gladiators battle. No one dies nowadays, but we will pay to see humiliation, but then suddenly feel sorry for them mid-way.

    I don't know who to cringe more for? Jason or Louis Walsh. There is nothing smart about his Bruce Lee comments. If anything, it shows his limited imagination and bigoted views. How many BBCs can hold their hands up and recognise his form of ignorance? The all yellow people are either Bruce Lee or Yoko Ono.The fact that both are from another era sends a very tragic message. Chinese representation has not only stagnated, it seems to be re-gressing.

    Jason is the chosen victim, no doubt, the public with go on a journey with him, but he's there to irritate the more straight-laced Matt Cardle's of the world. Like a fairytale, Matt Cardle's always win in the end. SF.

    1. 'Chinese representation has not only stagnated, it seems to be re-gressing.' IMO more perpetuating in an endless circle, carrot on stick leading nowhere.

  10. Whilst the Bruce Lee comment is an obvious one, what's interesting to note is the way white people are allowed to tweet 'gosh Bruce Lee comment, slap wrist' , when the most Sinophobic malevolence is the insidiously scripted episode itself.

    Refer back to the Kenneth Tong incident

    and the same whites will be allowed to tweet 'slitty eyed Soya sauce chink'. And thanks to the same media playing both sides of the card, go unreported.

    These media snakes can pick and choose when they want to accept you if you are docile and betamale, yet make outright sinophobic comments if their precious Gary Barlow is offended. Buttons are pressed and we, the voiceless 'minority', react accordingly.

    White/white subcategory privilege allows you to be so damn two-faced. This is exactly why I could care less about western representation and why western born Chinese/East Asians need our own media.

    I will celebrate the day Chinese privilege ever gets to cherry-pick the whites that 'acceptable' and those that aren't. May never happen, knowing how perpetually clueless some FOBS seem not to mention how many of the ones in power tend to be white-worshippers, but I really will treasure that day, if ever.

    1. damn good point. I notice in other such articles, such as the Koreabang article to that Hollister link I made, where koreans are racist towards the whites being racist to them (our race) - notice the plethora of korean women and of course, white men jumping up in response to say that they are such hypocrites, and that koreans are the ones being racist for responding with racism....

      Compare this with Tong's comments - where he WASN'T being racist - yet that's ok for whites to be racist towards him (and thus our race)....and I didn't see any white women (or east asian men) responding with the "well you're just as bad" comments

    2. I will celebrate the day Chinese privilege ever gets to cherry-pick the whites that 'acceptable' and those that aren't. May never happen, knowing how perpetually clueless some FOBS seem not to mention how many of the ones in power tend to be white-worshippers, but I really will treasure that day, if ever.

      for that to happen there has to be numerous Chinese media companies around the world with global influence, reporting to white people who see such media as the truth and unbiased, with a superiority complex that is subtle.

      But I can't see that happening, not in my lifetime anyway, as most whites have that superiority complex that east asians lack - indeed, our women have an inferiority complex i.e. white worship, which is why white media can get away with things, why oriental women marry whites in such numbers etc.... it's all linked, and it's all to do with image.

      See here

    3. Happybritishchinese, in answer to your examples of switching when it suits. It means that underneath that facade, it's still there, but it's been managed and controlled. Racism.

      But touch golden-boy Gary Barlow, then the mask slips. It means, when it comes to the crunch, many Brits prefer to go for the racial slur option, which is in my opinion, the lowest kind of racism.

      White people know the obvious bigoted comments, hence the Twitter response, but as you state, the whole show and the way it has been scripted tells you they want that 'outsider'. Hence the reason for alienating him and making him seem extra odd and nerdy. Couple that with his inability to prounounce certain words and O'Leary's stupid comment about liking girls here epitomise to issue of Asian men are not expected to mix, or not allowed.

      No one has picked up on this belittling episode which means worryingly, it's acceptable to pick on the East Asians. I remember a few years back, there were a pair of Greek Cypriot doing something similar and again, it was for cheap laughs. When the camera panned around, did you see how many bingo wings flapping about when clappinh? It serves them, and they most definitely got their belly laughs.

      As the other poster says, there are plenty of BBC men holding down commendable roles and do not behave slavishly for the media, but the media 'choose' not to highlight these people, choosing instead someone with broken English and a desire to see Tulisa.

      This whole issues reminds me of the fakeness of western culture. When that Chinese girl with the crooked teeth had been taken off in place for a more media friendly face, singing for the Beijing opening ceremony, the western media jumped on China with their wagging finger of disapproval.

      Yet, here we are, the western media deliberately plucking out oddities so the viewers can giggle behind their sofas for entertainment. I would like to know, what's the real difference?

      The girl with the crooked teeth will encounter the harsh reality of real-life rejection when she's an adult, so why try to play the moral high-ground? Are there really popstars that are ugly and successful? Analyse the western media and you get your answer. SF.

    4. She wrote a follow up explaining her original article was a caricature.

    5. your analysis is good SF, you should write some more articles

    6. BBCZeitgeist, I'm opinionated, but not good with facts and figures. Maybe soon I will when I find suitable material to start a discussion. I find it more easier to discuss, respond and share. SF.

  11. Pleasse send your complaints to ITV ASAP

  12. Wai, hey guys

    ...just another angle to the issues discussed,

    Jason Viet Tien if he had any sense SHOULD of said something in the lines of;
    "excuse me but that is a racist comment, I found offensive, because you won't say that if I was black...etc" he be an overnight hit if he had the balls to say that with ruthlessly...where are his parents and career advisers in the background (surely its not Dim sum's main journo Alfred Lee), could it be they are consenting to it because they want the play the game, get the fame, potential riches, record sales etc.
    Plus these reality programmes always need willing targets of ridicule, which made the white audience feel superior and take the mick, NO to your warm embrace or make me feel my luurve.

    1. They would have edited it out, it doesn't fit the white man agenda.

  13. Amazing, a simple response to one of the racists on twitter re: Vietnamese (who mistook it for a Chinese)guy has made them protect their account.

    Quite amazing what a few words can do, the mere simplicity of not taking racism lying down does get results. If anything, this cements the fact that whites are insecure fragile things themselves, and use mockery of other people (preferably those who can't fight back) to make THEMSELVES feel more confident and superior - at the expense of us.

    Don't let them.

  14. It's obvious from recent examples that racism in society is two sided.... when the white majority hesitate in racism towards blacks and asians (e.g. stereotypical black X Factor contestants), but have no such issues with doing the same with orientals (stereotypyical [as in, those created by whites] east asian x factor contestants).... and when even other minorities feel that it's no big issue to be racist towards us themselves (despite them no doubt being a subject to racism by whites).... it is clear there is a "two tier" ladder re: racism.

    I've spoken before about how this is to do with a lack of resistance. I don't know about you, but when someone is racist to me, I get rather angry. To the point where I confront them direct, in public, and make a show of it. The least it does is show to the world that I will NOT take racism towards my race lying down, not without a fight. As with all lowlifes in society, they pick on easy targets. You hear of staying safe on the streets.... don't look vulnerable, etc.... it's the same here. The Chinese are seen as easy targets when it comes to racism, because they do not bite back. How many times do we see red, but do nothing, just fume privately, working OURSELVES up (which ain't healthy) but not letting that go towards the intended target - the racist? Decades of that has led to whites, and even the minorities (like the black above in the twitter feed) openly denigrating our people - simply because they can, without resistance.

    So other than our lack of response to racist incidents, why the double standards?
    It's not even racism directed at us, they (other western minorities included) seem to inject it into everyday conversation, at the mere mention of our race. But referring to others and it's a lot more tiptoeing involved.

    A key factor could be the changing geopolitical situation in the world, perceived (as the white media love to exaggerate things into a doomsday scenario) or actual.... China and the East rising, blahblah. As a result, white's "we are the best, period" mindset is being threatened - and our race is the one doing the threatening. Whereas blacks and asians (though increasingly Indians are also fitting that threat bracket, though so far no such animosity towards them) are let off in a white world, sympathetic to them because they've been given a "bad deal" in the world, what with being poor etc.... no such sympathy for east asians in similar positions - remember, we are the threat, blacks and asians are just poor helpless people.

    As a result, whites use as much racism as they can get away with publicly, because "we" are the threat - we're fair game, we're the ones looking to topple white status in the world, so they don't need to apply the same rules to us as other minorities. Feeling superior is easy for whites vs blacks and asians... but for us, increasingly less so because of the global situation - as a result they use racism to reassert their superiority complex.

    You may have noticed in tweets, facebook, internet forums and of course real life in general, that whites have been far less accepting of us in a white country. If you notice the disparity in our men with white women vs black/asian men with white women, it says it all. Our men are the threat to be repelled..... from their point of view, we can't let "them" ruin us, take our women and thus destroying whatever superiority we have over them. In contrast, we (as in white men) should "take" as many oriental women as possible - depriving THEM of their families, their future generations so we can limit their power, in addition to reasserting pride and superiority i.e. we are better than you, to the extent that your women want us. There is no such complex when referring to black or asian men.

  15. Another major issue in racism is that throughout history, which furthers the white "default", white is right mentality, is that the response to racism has never been to insult white racial uncharacteristic and stereotypes.

    For example, when a white offends a nonwhite - the response is always in a position of "that's wrong, you're racist etc.".... it is not tit for tat, it's defensive and always on the back foot.

    Thus the worst that happens to the white racist is a few comments of racism from the people he doesn't like anyway. Big deal.

    But when we do something similar - and not just racist, but as seen by the Tong incident, socially unacceptable or unpopular towards others - there is less of the "that's horrible, that's wrong" crowd... and more of the flat out "chinky slitty eyes, soya etc" brigade...

    My point is, when responding to a racist by being "above them" and not being racist ourselves, we are getting exactly the response - that of being hurt and offended - that the racist intended. Which of course makes them feel better about themselves, and of being their race.

    Whilst making similar, if not more extreme comments about their race, will at worst start a tit for tat match, at best put them in their place as they realise they - and their race - are not so invincible after all.

  16. Jason Viet Tien and his clique WHY didn't he DEFEND himself or question the dubious stereotypical images the prog is promoting, that is also part of the problem, by making the culture of orientalist racism legit. Why doesn't he respond morally to offensive comments with a reasoned critique is the KEY question WHY it persists and has been somewhat overshadowed in this debate. This culture of denial has to be put into sharp focus, otherwise this could peter into like a lame dimsum debate.

    1. Anonymous 12/09/12:18:13, be reasonable here. He's effectively an FOB eighteen year old. Do you think he can really fully recognise racism desguised as sympathy?

      Sadly it is X-Factor who is at fault and the fact that they cherry pick this young impressionable man shows the format of this show. The main attraction is humiliation, shallowness and oblivious. Which X-Factor has been doing for years. Whether it's the fat, disabled, and the minority, it's all the same. Poke fun after they've sang their heart out.

      The annoyance is, pick on the minority does have a pecking order, and as usual east Asians are bottom of the pile. As the another poster says, we are in a difficult situation right now. With China rising, the kind of racism is about alienation and suspicion.

      Because of the master and slave form of classic racism where Europeans are always regarded as the superior, the Chinese are somehow fufilling similar credentials due to the rise of China, and the west cannot form that classic opinion of ethnic people considered inferior. So the category of Chinese are set apart as another form of sub-species. A campaign of question marks about the 'inscrutable people', belittling of 'little orientals' with no real brute or feelings. The general tone is, never let us slip through and gain momentum or we'll take over.

      Jason wants fame. He is eighteen. He's like a lot of teenagers. He believes he has talent and most of all, he believes in the judges' comments. This fragile innocence has been exploited, therefore to ask him to speak back asks the questions of his parents, and the kind of culture he will have been brought up in. Worshipping western lifestyle, western people and most of all western freedom. It's the last one which is the most misleading and damaging. SF.

    2. why didn't he respond? Because he is naive with regards to racial issues - poor sod must think it's only racism if someone is beating you up whilst shouting "die chink"... he is not clued up with stereotypes, caricatures and more importantly - the subtle nuances and condescending actions that give away a person's true intentions - like the original post said, they're not laughing with you, they're laughing at you. I mean fuck, he didn't even correct them on the Chinese-Vietnamese thing. There are plenty of Vietnamese who will go mental over that.

      This guy will probably grow older in a few years and be a lot wiser to the racial issues concerning east asians - but by then he would be a complete laughing stock either way (maybe X Factor will spin him off as a joke act and sell records that way - nothing surprises me from the lows whites will go for a few £s...).

    3. SF, look at the bigger media/marketing picture, I don't think Jassie and co is all that "Naive" because the whole act before the off key singing is very carefully staged with its "story" and media impact impression. There are people (maybe his parents and the edit control) pulling the strings and PR. It s just like Goldie and Analisa playing the demeaning orientialist race narrative for selfish fame reasons, he does not gave a sh*t about racism, because like GOK its all about himself for himself, at the expense for the wider chinese/vietnamese etc community. For a business sense it make sense what he is doing. The danger is when people don't see thru it or able to critique and let a culture of racism to sleepwalk into cultural normality.

    4. also there is an element of white resentment over the way east asians seem to be rising in (overall) world status, so racism towards us is more venomous and unforgiving compared to other races, where there is no resentment for they are not "rising". Conversely this has led to our race becoming more "forgiving" and nice to whites in the Far East, to appease their insecurities that we are not a threat.

      Look at the bigger picture and you're seeing a centuries old order being shifted in our way, and of course the whites do not like it and will stop and nothing to prevent it - with civility, of course, hence the east-asian-woman-with-any-man as-long-as-he-isn't-east-asian ads, the ridicule of east asian men in society and media and white society being rather generous of east asian women settling in white countries - as long as they are either the wife of a white man, or prostitutes

    5. Very few 'East asians' will see this as 'racist,' if you look at the East Asians reactions on Facebook, the Vietnamese reactions are proud of him because hes Vietnamese and 'one of us,' hes on TV and made it through to next round. The BBCs reactions are just ahhhh, bless him.

      Its an example of apathy and political illiteracy from the mass of the British East Asian community, certain sections of the white community are more literate about our own race issues than our own community.

    6. @Anonymous12 September 2012 18:13

      As long as we don't have a valid media vehicle enabling us to protest in numbers, an email of complaint from everyone on this thread to ITV is the best we can do to counter FOB ignorance,did you send yours?

    7. Anonymous 12/09/12:21.01. Maybe he or his parents weren't that naive, and the element of shallowness has superceded any form of dignity. This seems to be the norm for the fame catching contestants. As for scripted, most certainly scripted. There is no way X-Factor the brand will allow people to run riot over their show. They plan, plot and decide. Jason will play the odd-ball idiot that never seems to know he's been punched between the eyes.

      Louis Walsh will continue his nauseating critique of not sure but 'alright, just for this time' act. The kind of bullying behaviour the public love. Jason will play the clueless outcast that's been thrust into the limelight be mistake. It's an act. As to whether Jason fully knows, and is 'playing the game' to get his name known, that remains to be seen.

      But, this does not take away the fact that ITV has allowed X-Factor to air racist shows where someone's accent and cultural differences is part of the fun when pushed up against British media. The fun bit is really laughing at them rather than accepting them as normal. By separating the two, it's a clear distinction between English as normal and ethnics as strange, therefore funny. SF.

    8. The fun bit is really laughing at them rather than accepting them as normal. By separating the two, it's a clear distinction between English as normal and ethnics as strange, therefore funny. SF.
      Yes but that doesn't really apply to other races, at least nowhere near as much. Black guy with stereotypical black accent for example - does he get treated the same, get laughed at so freely by whites? Same with asians. There's like an invisible barrier that protects other races - even when they are playing to stereotypes that are seen as comical - and no such barrer exists with east asians, especially men. I'd like to know why.

    9. Anonymous 18/09/12:09.43, it is not applying to black people and some Indians because of the larger presence and their ability to stake their claims as standing up for themselves. Their community leaders always react quickly and strongly. It's for this, you are seeing less and less of the small minded caricatures of the seventies. You make the change, not let someone else dictate changes, which is what seems to be happening with the Chinese abroad.

      With the East Asian community, it's the opposite. Only when it's in extreme cases, do our leaders make a stand. These entertainment issues tend to be brushed aside. It's a shame really, because it's these issues that make the start and make the host nation think again.

      Like I said before, the more smaller groups are still facing condescending portrayls, but as far as I'm concerned, Chinese presence in the UK maybe small, and as seen on this discussion alone, he has been referred to as 'Chinese' which just about sums up the situation. We might as well be all the same. To a Vietnamese person, that could be insulting since China seems to be put ahead of any oriental looking people nowadays. SF.

  17. ITV's reply to complaints or (excuse the pun) try to FOB us off with...

    "The X Factor production team went out of their way to ensure that Jason Viet Tiem Nguyen had a fantastic day meeting Tulisa. The audition was broadcast as Jason gave an engaging performance and had the entire arena on his side.There was nothing racist intended or even implied by featuring his banter with Tulisa and the other judges. Any humour there was, arose from his being so excited at meeting Tulisa. The X Factor prides itself on how it reflects the full diversity of its viewing audience."

    This 'implies' the whole thing was pre-arranged 'jim'll fix it' style and 'scripted' as you guys have stated.

    1. You must have sent yours early to get a full reply.

      Doesn't surprise me it was scripted. They don't leave this stuff to chance, have to make sure the selected idiot is smart enough to follow instructions. Nation of bullies as I think SF called it once. Just like being bullied at school, except infront of 6million viewers it's at our race's expense.

      There's something about the East Asian/Chinese self interested karma that media racism will continue to 'test' us until we all recognize unity is necessary.

      Can any of you imagine having to raise your kids to go through this, some either speaking out individually, Or just wait for China to 'fix things'? Rich, considering most of our parents ran away from China to live in this country and none of us have given up our passports to relocate there.

      Events like these, should unite us as a pro-active group,leaping forward to offer our skills -email each other ideas,come up with some scripted material we all can agree on, meet up in person to document, and use it as protest in the name of our Chinese/East asian pride.

      It doesn't matter what some FOB thinks, its what we, those who are in the know, think and then act upon. All it takes for evil to take over is good people to do nothing?

      As proudly organized as we think we are in our own personal lives, as a group it's just the usual sporadic online comments. Lack of trust amongst each other?

      If British Chinese/East Asians refuse to see ourselves as a race, and unite over the insulting of our race, we are condemning the racism for it to happen again. Same comments, different article.

      Yak about Chinese pride until blue in the face but unless we actually organize a protest to show our pride, all we are defending is our own self interest.

    2. I wonder if they would say the same if you showed them the twitter screenshots above.

    3. Just typical pre-written garbage from ITV's complaints department.

    4. I mean, the last sentence, and some of the wording.

    5. They didn't take your complaint seriously at all, indeed they turned the racism round to a positive. I don't think I've ever seen that with a racial complaint before, usually they just downplay it or brush it off as no offence intended... not "it was great for both parties", without realising (or caring) the reputational damage it has for one's race i.e. ours seen in a derorgatory, comedic fashion.

      Also, I've found that the response of a complaint is relative to the person/group behind it.... so say, a US anti racism Asian-American group would get an official statement with apologies... a solitary, wound up east asian in britain - whatever.

    6. Ha I got the exact same standard copy and paste reply as well. Unbelievable.

      @Anonymous13 September 2012 21:39, exactly. Until we take protesting seriously, they will treat our complaints and community as a joke as they do Jason Viet Tien.

    7. @ HBC, its possible someone already complained before we did, hence the copy paste prepared answer?

      @Anonymous13 September 2012 21:39 not always the case, maybe in America, not so much in the UK, for the example the Chinese Embassy submitted complaint to the BBC about the Top Gear China programme, which was shrugged off by BBC. The Indian high commission also got involved with another episode - the complaint was dismissed.

  18. jason the horny chinese teenager obviously been watching the infamous x factor Tulisha video you know the one. now hes smittened.


  19. @SF 18 September 2012 16:11

    'With the East Asian community, it's the opposite. Only when it's in extreme cases, do our leaders make a stand. '

    What would you consider a strong enough stand? Nuclear threat or a cancelled free bubble tea week?

    Who is this east asian leader are you referring to?

    Lack of trust and geographic dispersal wouldnt be an issue if we actually placed racial importance as the no 1 priority above all else, like other ethnics do. This is without the need for having anything in common, without the need for a religion, without needing to knowing where some tiny village is in Shenzhen that your father used to know my cousin who then married my auntie,who ended up marrying a BBC comedian. in other words, practical stuff.

    If FOBS are too pathetic to speak out, and other East asians are left scratching their heads, Nat Wei is too busy polishing Boris Johnsons nob, then BBC ethnic Chinese racial solidarity is the only solution.

    But if the majority of BBCs are racially blind and apolitical and want whites to fight our battles for us, nothing will change.

    BBCS need to wipe clean trivial consumerist values to establish racial solidarity as no 1 priority, and that comes with being proactive not reactive, after which pan Asian interests can be used to reach out to Vietnamese Japanese etc, but NOT unless we have developed our own ethnic Chinese racial solidarity first.

  20. Happybritishchinese, I hope that response was sarcasm. I quite agree with your post. My point is the fact that we have no strong celebrity voice or vocal community leaders. Whether good or bad, all news is good news in this country. This crime really should bring out Chinese community leaders that spend much of their time organising day trips for the old.

    The fact that people like Trevor Philips can command headlines and hold down roles like being Chair to Commision for racial equality and such similar roles keeps the media on their toes and the drip-drip effect is the result of seeing less insulting caricatures as seen in shows like X-Factor.

    The Chinese need a strong figurehead, someone that is more aggressive, fighting all issues big or small. The fact that a Chinese man and family have been threatened and attacked in Northern Ireland fail to make an indentation on the national news means it's not regarded as 'urgent', and this spells further problems down the line.

    The people who are speaking up tend to actually be white people, which puts the Chinese in a laid-back stance and also, it's a subtle sign that no-one within the Chinese community cares enough.

    The photo of the man turning up in court with a grin on his face should create headline news, but it's just a foot-note on regional news. This normalising of drunken behaviour which causes vast amounts of problems in this country and then they try to use that line to hide behind demonstrates a big need to down-play this into a drunken crime. Chinese representatives in this country should be seizing this opportunity to highlight the down-playing nature, but nothing. SF.

    1. SF Let me ask you a question. Imagine that Blacks indians etc are dispersed like Chinese throughout UK. Imagine that their leader is a white nob licker like ours. Why on earth would a leader bother to step up if there is a subtle sign that no-one in the chinese community cares enough?

      This is my point, its not the leader, its in the Chinese mentality ourselves. If people are viewed fit enough to be led, then a leader will appear from those people. Look at it this way, if Chinese choose racial solidarity, then people should be fighting to be a leader with the right mentality and not to lick a white MPs nob.Right?

      Its not in the leader, its in the people.Specifically, BBCs.

    2. Happybritishchinese, now I get your point. I agree with everything you say in that post, but want to know for sure, is it we don't care enough, or we don't want to make fuss. Two different things.

      I feel, there aren't enough voices repeating the unjust media coverage of racist crimes on the Chinese. I bet there are far more happy BBCs on Facebook raving about how great their lives are then to set up sites dedicated to speaking up about racism and the unbalanced reporting going on.

      There seems to be very few BBCs interested in finding out the deeper side to being Chinese and living here. You call it clueless, but I think that by the time many grow up, they have already been sucked into the host nation's culture, therefore comfortable and no need to ask further questions. As covered by others, relying on our parents to warn us, it will unlikely happen since most parents know little about the western media and what it is actually like to watch TV shows and adverts filled with belittling images and backward racial stereotypes, designed to hold ethnics in their place. SF.

    3. I will only go by what I see online, and I see some BBCs waking up from the slumber. Maybe Im overoptimistic, but I think in their own way trying to create tiny changes in their own small ways.

      Realistically massive change and the right kind of leader will maybe too late for this generation, but you cant pretend to stay dumb forever, even if you dont want to make a fuss about it.

  21. Jason x factor 201222 September 2012 at 17:56

    jason x factor 2012 Tulisha will kick him out tonight at boot camp


    Heres another 'Asian FOB'stereotype Changyi Li 52 year old Asian lady Chinese woman wearing a Japanese sailor moon or schoolgirl cosplay style outfit on American X factor USA

    1. This is exactly the problem of deluging western culture into China. China needs massive education on western sinophobia. Otherwise these dumb FOBS bring their brainwashed cluelessness with them when they emigrate to the US/UK. This soft power is just another form of westernised brainwashing. If BBCs are too complacent, FOBS are too clueless, then China needs education.

  23. I wonder what kind of drug Jason was on. He was totally uninhibited., yet his motor functions was working well. I would like to get some of those drugs when I go to my next party.

  24. wow I honestly think you guys are being a bit too harsh on him. his only a kid trying to fulfill his dream like another other teenage person. he might be a fob, but he is certainly a proud one. he tried his best and so what if they compared him to Bruce lee. Bruce Lee is awesome and would take that as a compliment anytime. I even asked my boyfriend who is a talented Korean singer. If you get compared to Bruce Lee, how would you feel? He said that he would feel awesome; unless, you compare me to William Hung. Also, you guys are spending too much time fighting on this topic, and his not even Chinese. All the topics I read were mostly about Chinese ppl. Instead of putting him down perhaps show a little support. Vietnamese people like me dont care because we are proud of him to show it. He proved that he wouldn't let little comments like being compare to Bruce Lee let him get in the way of his dreams. He stand on that stage with his head up high not caring what others think of him. At least he had the guts to up there because I know I can never do it. Lastly, the reason why the Vietnamese community not taking the racism so seriously, perhaps they are trying to support and hope he will succeed. You guys are so mean saying FOBS are clueless and dumb not all of them are like that. you guys are stereotype and racist as well mocking on your own kind of ppl. This world we live in is so ridiculous. I am ashamed to be Asian myself from reading all this mean posts. By the way I dont think anyone would want to be picked to be a dummy on the show where millions of ppl are watching. I know I wouldnt be the dummy.

    1. You are proud of one of your own being ridiculed in white media??? All because he had white media coverage???

      I think that says it all really. Orientals would do anything to be recognised by the fabled whites, even if it is in a negative light.

    2. I can see the Westerner think the Racist is a kind of serious issue. However, in our real life we can do something "racist" (in the view of a white) but not "racist" in another culture (in detail, South East Asia). I am also a Vietnamese like Jason and I can ensure he do not care about the "racist" by the audiences. He even have no idea about "racist" in his mind. Please see it as a game, not a place to show the black side of White.

      One more thing to say : When Westerners try to learn any Asia languages, PLEASE thrown the "RACIST" out of mind. While someone smile or laugh with/at you, they do not try to make you a fool. Just because the words you pronunce is strange and they can't help smiling. In Vietnam, the parents also do that to their children when they are trying to speak, so can we call that a kind of "RACIST"? Please do something to tighten the relationship among colours of skins, not try to devide them.